2008-04-29 : GC08 - a Dirty Joke

Here are my caveman-dinosaur cartoons. The first five constitute my Game Chef 08 entry. The sixth, I didn't submit. Here's why I cut that one and not one of the others: I was perfectly happy dictating arenas of conflict to the designer, but I didn't want to dictate the reward cycle.

Now THAT's a joke with a target audience!

1. On 2008-05-01, Bret said:

Aww. I'd love to see more caveman sexing in RPGs.


2. On 2008-05-11, Arturo G. said:

Funny, if you had posted it, I would probably have chosen this set of art to do a game.
But you are kidding. The sixth one is not about a reward cycle. It is the BIG arena of conflict.


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