2008-07-30 : The sad, strange case of me

I happened to be reading some old emails just now, and I happened upon this one from me to Emily from March 2002:

The sad, strange case of me

I had a dream last night that you, Meg and I went to a movie at the Tower theater.  They'd redesigned; now the seats were like roller coaster seats, or kids' carseats, you buckle yourself in.  They were suspended from the ceiling or something and they were a big pain to get into.

But we'd gotten there early, so we got seats right up front and we had plenty of time to wiggle into them and lock the restraints.

At the appointed time, the doors closed, the lights dimmed, but instead of a movie these insane guys with like power tools came out.  The tools were a lot like regular power tools like Serena has only chromed and super clean, like dental equipment.  They went down the line, prying people's mouths open with one tool and smashing them in the head with another.  We were struggling with the restraints, thrashing.

Afterwards, we were staggering out to the exit, and the next group of people were coming in for the next show.  Somebody said to me, "hey, how was the movie?"

I said, "movie, damn!  I'm getting my money back."

1. On 2008-07-31, Gregor said:

Hey! I had a similar dream years ago but it was with a chainsaw in my mouth. It's how I know I dream in colour.



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