2008-09-11 : Forge Outage

Yeah, the Forge is down. I expect to be able to get it back up this evening.

No need to send me a "hey do you know the Forge is down?" email! I do.

1. On 2008-09-12, Vincent said:

All fixed! I'm pretty sure.


2. On 2008-09-12, Ron Edwards said:

And you are a hero, once again. Thanks Vincent!


3. On 2008-09-12, Christopher Kubasik said:

At the risk of clogging bandwidth with an old-news crisis, when I try to see The Forge site, I get a screen that says:

Can't open file: 'smf_messages.MYI' (errno: 144)

Apologies beforehand if this is already known of.



4. On 2008-09-12, Vincent said:

Still? It looks okay to me now.


5. On 2008-09-13, Moreno R. said:

Now it seems ok, but today I got for some hours the same "database error" screen I got yesterday.


6. On 2008-09-13, Joshua A.C. Newman said:

So... is the Forge suddenly way, way faster now, or am I just getting lucky?


7. On 2008-09-17, Matt Wilson said:

Pff. I use my mind powers to make the Internet faster and sure everyone just assumes it's Vincent.


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