2005-04-30 : This Is My Blog: Journeyman Work

At his blog This Is My Blog, Ben Lehman has good wisdom for all of us:

I want to borrow, for the community of game designers, some ideas that traditional craftsman have used. Most importantly is the idea of a journeyman work—the one piece of work that proves you are capable as a professional. It is not your masterwork—that proves you a master of the craft. And it is certainly not a life's work—that is the greatest thing you create in your life. Rather, it is a technical piece to show your competence, training, craft and skill. And teach you a lesson about finishing something good.

Read the whole post: Great White Games.

1. On 2005-04-30, Ben Lehman said:

You remember that conversation, right?



2. On 2005-05-01, Ninja Hunter J said:

It seems to me that the most interesting element of this idea is that a designer creates something that works without the assumption that it will be famous or bring you wealth or even good. The idea is to make something that works well, and if you didn't get it this time, you will the next.

To a great degree, art is taught this way, and the method has served me well.


3. On 2005-05-02, Vincent said:

Ben: I remember that we had conversations about this kind of stuff, as well as all kinds of stuff, but I don't remember one in particular. Remind me?


4. On 2005-05-02, Ben Lehman said:

Huh.  I just remember being in that little liminal space between your kitchen and your dining room whilst I first thought of the concept of a journeyman work applied to gaming, particularly regarding the games that I couldn't finish.  Maybe I was talking to Meg.



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