2009-01-06 : An Apocalypse World Character

I made this for Color-first character creation project. Click through to see the James V. West source drawing I created her from.

1. On 2009-01-07, Ron Edwards said:

You wrote this game with James' illustration in front of you in the first place, didn't you?

Admit it!


2. On 2009-01-07, Vincent said:

No kidding, huh? I was like "gotta take that move where I can roll cool instead of hard ... it's called 'ice cold'? Sweet dang."


3. On 2009-01-08, Vincent said:

Some Apocalypse World illos by yours truly, since we're here:


4. On 2009-01-12, Christoph said:

I find this character sheet extremely alluring and inviting. It seeps with playability.


5. On 2009-05-03, Meserach said:

I gotta love that the savvyhead illo looks like Alan Moore.


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