2005-05-05 : Click!


Did anybody else hear that click?

That was the sound of me crossing over the line into "theorizes too much for how much I'm playing."

It's weird on this side of the line. Uncomfy and unfulfilling.

So that's it, I guess. I gotta get some roleplaying actually roleplayed before I theorize any more. Otherwise I turn bitter, mean and entrenched and oog, I don't want that.

J, bring Under the Bed with you when you come?

In other news: thanks, Ben. Now I gotta watch stupid Master and Commander again to see if you're right. I was gonna use those three hours! I was gonna use them to play video games with. Yoshi's Island I think.

In other other news (and avert your eyes, mom): I've just watched the first two episodes of Deadwood. God damn is that some fucking foul-mouthed shit. Also, must every western anymore be about really lousy people?

1. On 2005-05-05, Ninja Hunter J said:

You betcha.

Were there to be enough time, I'd want to play a game and have a game played where I could take notes on what everyone was doing.


2. On 2005-05-05, xenopulse said:

You know, I was thinking the same thing (re finally getting more play time in). But I can't play during the day, so I think about it instead :)

And Deadwood sometimes seems unnecessarily "cussy," but I'll be damned if it ain't one of the three best cocksucking TV shows ever. With the most intriguing characters ever.

Especially the doc. Even though he seems to be a minor character, for me, he rocks the whole show.


3. On 2005-05-05, Ben Lehman said:

Fair warning:  I watched Far Side of the World under rather ideal circumstances, with a friend who is very close and we very much have an Aubrey/Maturin sort of relationship.  So I was predisposed to sympathize with the troubles.

But, you know, if you want to watch three hours of ship porn and find the plot in it (which is there, certainly), more power to you.

Fond of ship porn—


4. On 2005-05-05, Vincent said:

J: coolness.

Christian: you know, having seen like I say only the first two episodes, the doc's my favorite character too. For certain!

Ben: oh so now you're backpedaling!

I'm kidding. I think I've been going to see it again anyway, actually, on account of how much I bad mouth it.

Emily, are you out there? Will you come over and watch Master and Commander sometime?


5. On 2005-05-05, John Harper said:

The cussin' of Deadwood seems like profanity for profanity's sake at first (look! we're on HBO!) but after four or five episodes it takes on the character of an historical vernacular in a way that simple old-timey lingo couldn't do.

That show has a character that ties for best TV character ever. I'll leave it to you to see who it is. The other parts of the tie, for reference (it's a 4-way split): Malcom Reynolds, Spike, John Locke.

I also get the "everyone's lousy" vibe that you're picking up. Stick with it. The show is way, way, way more complex than that.

- John


6. On 2005-05-05, Vincent said:

What show's John Locke from?


7. On 2005-05-05, John Harper said:


Oh man. Lost. Grab the DVDs this September or start up the bittorrent now.


8. On 2005-05-05, Emily Care said:

Hey there!

I'm still kicking, despite the huge pile of "didn't do it til now so gotta get cranking" end of semester work I'm under.  I missed M&C on the big screen, so I'm game.

I think I made some kind of deal with Ron about him getting to call me Boss if I called him Master or Commander, so I'd better watch it first to know which one!

And:  Under the Bed!  Woot!


9. On 2005-05-05, Ninja Hunter J said:

Hooray! I'm'a get to play UTB with my people!


10. On 2005-05-05, Matt Wilson said:

I don't get any pay TV, so I can't comment on Deadwood, but shame on you if you aren't watching Lost. Yeah V, I'm PUBLICLY CHASTISING YOU! Ha!

It has my vote for "most PTA show currently on TV," and anything I get to make a meaningless pronouncement about is doubly cool. Plus the chastising is surprisingly fun.

Lost will help you design Red Sky. I swear.


11. On 2005-05-05, Vincent said:

God dammit. Now I want to chastise too. Somebody do something lame so I can chastise.


12. On 2005-05-05, ethan_greer said:

Until this thread, I had never heard of Lost or Deadwood.

Lame enough?


13. On 2005-05-05, JasonL said:

I just realized, you know, I think all this theme stuff is for the birds.  You can't do that and call it roleplaying.  You need to have lots and lots of detailed rules for combat, and leave the rest for the players to just wing it, and that'll proive you with more satisfying play.


"Oh, it's you...
P.S. - You're welcome, Vincent.


14. On 2005-05-05, Vincent said:

Excellent. Ethan: you, I chastise! Jason: you, I chastise!

Ha ha! You're right Matt, that's pretty fun.


15. On 2005-05-05, Valamir said:

Its hard to pick a favorite character for Deadwood.

The crazy lay preacher guy I think offers even a better and more subtle foil than the Doc vs. "Rest of Deadwood"

The blond whore (trixie?) gets my vote for character with the most potential to become REALLY interesting second season.

The knife dude strikes me as the most obvious candidate for PTA character whose issues sat at a 1 for the entire first season and are just dieing to be ramped up second season.

The marshall turned hardware salesman (can you tell I'm terrible with names) particularly appeals to me because he and his partner are both historical personalities.

I also groove to the laudanum addict chick.

Pretty much the whole show rocks.  Its also one of the few shows on DVD where I think listening to the episode commentaries are worth it.

I also recommend Tour of Duty on DVD.  I loved it when it was on, and am astonished at how advanced a show it was for 1987 network prime time tv.


16. On 2005-05-05, xenopulse said:

Actually, my wife Lisa and I figured out that she's Seth Bullock (Marshall turned hardware guy :) and I'm Sol Star (his partner). Figuratively, personality-wise speaking. Not 100%, but the closest among all characters on that show.

But yeah, Ralph is right. The whole show rocks. The characters all have issues and complexity to them.

- Christian


17. On 2005-05-05, Tymen said:

I love Deadwood, but I'm calling in props for Keith Carradine's performance as Wild Bill Hickock. (Gunfighters really were the Rock Stars of the 18th century West.)

He also playe Buffalo Bill Cody in Walter Hill's Wild Bill, which had Jeff Bridges as Wild Bill.


18. On 2005-05-05, JasonL said:


Re: Deadwood

If memory serves, the black-haired tavern owner (of the Gem) is also a historical figure, but he wasn't originally english, FYI.  His name is Swearingin (spelling, unsure?), FWIW.


Thank you sir, may I have another! ...and happy actual playing...


"Oh, it's you...


19. On 2005-05-05, Kai said:

Just started watching Deadwood on DVD, and yeah, the characters look really promising under all that dirt and grime. Looking forward to watching more.


20. On 2005-05-06, C. Edwards said:

Ahh, so you're watching the first season right now. I was getting a little confused. They're currently running the second season on HBO, which I've seen one episode of so far. Things get very.. Shakespearian.


21. On 2005-05-06, Valamir said:

Jason, yeah, that's correct—per the DVD special features anyway.  Another interesting tidbit that I hope the show eventually reaches is that within 2 years of being founded, Deadwood had more telephones than San virtue of the silly amounts of boom town wealth being pulled out of the ground.


22. On 2005-05-10, Ninja Hunter J said:

Man, V., I'm bummed you weren't in on the Under the Bed game the other day. Not enough hours in a day!


You'll be here with Raven and me on Friday night. Raven is a non-gamer (though he's receptive and has enjoyed it on the one or two occasions when we've played, despite my use of GURPS), and that means that we have a fun situation that I think we should take advantage of and play something. Maybe Dogs (I'll run)? We're probably not enough people for Mountain Witch, which is too bad. We have so many options!


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