2009-04-20 : Illos by me!

As usual, I'm contributing illos to the upcoming Fight On! magazine. This time I've illustrated Judd's contribution to the magazine, a piece about dwarves called "7 Kings Mountain." He's put a couple of previews up on his livejournal: here and here.

Fun project! Thanks, Judd.

1. On 2009-04-20, Alex D. said:

Your link to Fight On! is broken.

It says:

When it should just be:

Not a particularly horrible mistake, and I had no trouble getting to the actual site, but you may want to edit it in to make it a bit more user friendly.

Also, thank you for reminding me to check out Fight On!. I've been meaning to, but just keep procrastinating.


2. On 2009-04-20, Vincent said:

Fixed, thanks for pointing it out.


3. On 2009-04-21, Judd said:

Thank you, Vincent.  It was really fun to work/play/create with you.

I am now tempted to submit a similar Princedoms of the Elves, the Broken Mountains of the Orc and Marsui for the humans.


4. On 2009-04-21, Robert Bohl said:

I might have a recording of you saying you'll never write another fucking word about elves.


5. On 2009-04-21, Judd said:

I am filled with lies.


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