2009-08-24 : Ninja Vs Pirates Interview

Hey, Ninja Vs Pirates interviewed me about Dogs in the Vineyard. Part 1 is here, part 2 is forthcoming. I haven't listened to it yet but it was a fun interview to do. They say they're going to have me back on to talk about Mechaton ("wait, you're also the person who made Mechaton? How cool is that!") and I hope they do.

They've also made a really funny excellent teaser for the interview, here on YouTube. It made me laugh.

1. On 2009-08-26, Joel said:

Hey, Vincent, I noticed the audio in the teaser sounded a lot like your Dogs explanation from the Atomic Array interview, and now I see the NvP cast says it's sponsored by Atomic Array. What's the relationship between the two interviews? Is the NvP all new stuff?


2. On 2009-08-26, Vincent said:

The Ninja Vs Pirates interview is all new. I don't know about any relationship between them.

As I recall it, they asked mostly different questions, so we talked mostly about different things, but I'm sure I repeat myself sometimes!


3. On 2009-08-26, Joel said:

I see. It's just remarkable how verbatim the clip matches with my memory. then again, you're had a lot of time to boil down your answer to "what's Dogs in the Vineyard about?", I'm sure!


4. On 2009-08-27, Mitch said:

Atomic array agreed to mention us on one there podcast. So we mentioned them on ours, hence the sponsored bit.

All the questions were thought up by me and my co-host. I hope you enjoy the interview


5. On 2009-08-27, Joel said:

Yeah, i listened to it and it was good! You guys asked a lot of good questions that got Vincent talking about interesting concepts. Funny about the D12s! And I had one genuine "aha!" moment about Dogs play that was brand-new: The Give-and-Follow-up-Conflict mechanics provide a GM with the option for throwing conflicts fruitfully for later advantage! Wow, I can't believe I never saw that before. Wish I'd been mindful of that the times I GMed!



6. On 2009-08-28, Mitch said:


Moments like that are one of the great things about interviews. The big one for me was "Do i really want to shoot a pregnant woman in the head?". I think its really hard to get some of that info into the text of a book.

How do you think the NvP interview compered to the Atomic Array one?


7. On 2009-08-29, Joel said:

Ooh, tough question!  First of all, my own experience of the interviews is that they build on each other: not intentionally, just that they have a cumulative effect on my understanding, with new bits about Dogs and play and design in general "popping out" to me in my listening. My big lightbulb in the AA talk was Vincent's description of what Dogs is about ("Kids with Bibles and guns solving problems that can't be solved with Bibles and guns"). So when he said that in your interview, i'd already internalized it, and that made space in my brain for the new insight about Gms and follow-up conflicts.

That said, I thought your interview had really good and savvy questions. Your understanding of Dogs—both how the game works and the themes that it evokes—seemed a bit deeper than that of the AA guys, which enabled you to drill down further into its crust.

And hell, this is only part 1, isn't it? Can't wait for the rest!



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