2009-09-09 : Like the Man Says

The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.


When the Wasps and the Bumblebees have a party, nobody comes that can't buzz.

But also still,

Everything is bullshit but the open hand.

1. On 2009-09-09, Vincent said:

The man being, respectively, Oscar Wilde (of course), Frances, and Bruce Cockburn.


2. On 2009-09-09, Vincent said:

And because I feel like repeating it, for emphasis and to remind myself: Everything is bullshit but the open hand.


3. On 2009-09-10, Teataine said:

I am guessing this has something to do with design? At least the last quote might.


4. On 2009-09-14, Adam Dray said:

Is the open hand threatening or welcoming? Am I gonna get a handshake? hug? free candy? Or a pimp slap?

What is this thread about?


5. On 2009-09-14, Vincent said:

Free candy!


6. On 2009-09-14, Ben Lehman said:



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