2010-03-02 : Poison'd Audio

Hey Poison'd people! Two podcasts:

Ninja Vs Pirates: Poison'd with Vincent Baker
This interview reminded me how much I like the game. It's a nice, technical interview about the game's inspirations and design.

The Walking Eye: Poison'd Actual Play Session 1
The good people of the Walking Eye are recording their Poison'd game; this is character creation and a bit of kick off. Dan has a cackle that I recognize from my own Poison'd GMing.

Edit: Oh and come to recall (because Ry reminded me):
Canon Puncture: Game Advocates - In a Wicked Age
Ry talks serious goodness about In a Wicked Age. He reminds me what I do love about the game, which I sometimes forget!

Check 'em out.

1. On 2010-03-02, Noah said:

I thought the Ninja Vs Pirates interview was excellent. Makes me want to buy the game! It also made me realize that you should have your own podcast, as I could listen to your voice all the time.



2. On 2010-03-03, Vincent said:

Thanks, Noah. I've thought about it, but I'm pretty sure I have all the hobbies I can possibly handle.

I love to be interviewed, though. Anybody wants to interview me? Drop me a line.

And a correction from The Walking Eye: Dan's GMing, not Kevin, so Dan's the one with the cackle.


3. On 2010-03-03, Robert Bohl said:

Oh yes, I well-know Dan's cackle.

You know, V, if you want to just talk into a box every now and then and are willing to host, I can probably put a show together for you.


4. On 2010-03-04, Mathieu Leocmach said:

Very nice nija vs pirate.

I was like taking notes on the first half.


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