2010-04-02 : Apocalypse World preview book

edit: Sold out! Thanks everybody.

1. On 2010-04-02, Robert Bohl said:

I'm very happy for you, Vincent. It's a beautiful book. How many possible covers are there, do you know?


2. On 2010-04-02, Vincent said:

20, maybe? I didn't count. Fewer than 24, but not by much.


3. On 2010-04-02, Joel said:

They're a joy to see and hold. Makes a nice memento of my Gamestorm memories as well!


4. On 2010-04-03, Larry L said:

That is really a great looking cover.


5. On 2010-04-07, Tim Ralphs said:

Is there a target date on pre-orders yet?


6. On 2010-04-07, Vincent said:

July 10 at the latest. I'm shooting for mid-June.


7. On 2010-05-25, Christian Griffen said:

So I couldn't find anywhere in this book a section on when you change highlighted stats
Did I miss that or do the same stats stay highlighted from character creation on?


8. On 2010-05-25, Christian Griffen said:

Also: I got my answer from John on making MC moves when a PC v. PC roll fails, but you may want to discuss that in the actual Rulebook.


9. On 2010-05-30, Vincent said:

At the end of any session, anybody can say "hey, let's change highlighted stats." Just go again through the same stat-highlighting process you started with—for every PC, the high-Hx player chooses 1 and the MC chooses 1.

As a player, you're allowed to say "but I want something other than cool highlighted!" or "hey would one or the other of you highlight my weird?" or "okay, but I like my highlights fine as they are," but you aren't allowed to insist. You can tell your preferences but it's not your choice.


10. On 2010-06-03, John Harper said:

That's what we do (except we do it at the beginning of sessions, for some reason lost to the mists of time).

I can't find anything about that in the book. The book implies that you set highlights at chargen and that's that.

Setting new highlight stats every session is really good.


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