2010-06-11 : The Forge is back

The Forge archives live where the Forge used to live. Otherwise, I would have orphaned every link to the Forge in the whole world.

The live forum now lives at


And, hooray! Hooray!

1. On 2010-06-11, PeterBB said:

Yay! You rock.


2. On 2010-06-11, Teataine said:

Hooray! I would make you tea and bring you cookies now if I could. Hard work on AW plus Forge problems...not cool.


3. On 2010-06-11, Jim D said:

Victory!  Glad to see it's back.


4. On 2010-06-11, Larry L said:

I am going to kiss you ON THE MOUTH*

*Not literally.


5. On 2010-06-11, Graham said:

Hooray! I have posted in every forum, saying "First!".



6. On 2010-06-11, Joel said:

Hell yes. I call dibs on Larry's sloppy non-literal seconds!


7. On 2010-06-11, Guy said:

I am getting a 503 :-/


8. On 2010-06-11, PeterBB said:

Yeah, me too...


9. On 2010-06-11, Vincent said:

What the hell.


10. On 2010-06-11, Eric said:

Server is moving slowing, probably an issue with PHP or SQL being overloaded beyond the maximum script execution time?


11. On 2010-06-12, Vincent said:

Well... I took the archives down again and things picked right up on the live forum. Time to explore alternative interfaces for the archives, looks like.


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