2010-07-21 : Life After the Apocalypse

Here's some total gorgeousness: Life After the Apocalypse.

1. On 2010-07-22, Diogo (RPL) said:

In the words of a great man I know "Fucking awsome".


2. On 2010-07-22, joao said:



3. On 2010-07-22, Paul T. said:

Great stuff!

If you want the real world version, look at this:

It's a young woman who rides her motorcycle around Chernobyl (with a Geiger counter, if I remember correctly) and photographs what's left now that all the people are gone. She has lots of photos up, as well as descriptions and commentary.


4. On 2010-07-22, Paul T. said:


I forgot, she's got a sense of humour as well. Interesting stuff on a real "apocalypse" place.

"I have never had problems with the dosimeter guys, who man the checkpoints. They are experts, and if they find radiation on you vehicle, they gave it a chemical shower. I don't count those couple of times when "experts" tried to invent an excuse to give me a shower, because those had a lot more to do with physical biology than biological physics."


5. On 2010-07-23, Meguey said:

These are good, too.

decaying Detroit


6. On 2010-07-25, Bret said:

I love the presence of humans in these. It's something you don't see a lot of in post-apocalyptic art.


7. On 2010-09-04, Jeff Z said:


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