2010-11-15 : Joy

Oh oh oh there's TOTALLY a new West Indian restaurant down here in Springfield where I work on Mondays. Know what I just had for lunch? Curried goat with pumpkin and green beans, with paratha to mop up and a scotch bonnet hot sauce that lit up the world.

1. On 2010-11-15, Meguey said:

This post makes me happy for you :)


2. On 2010-11-16, ara said:

Congrats! hmmm Indian food.

I read your post as I was prepping Indian food for dinner last night, made me smile.


3. On 2010-11-17, Joshua A.C. Newman said:

WEST Indian food. Caribbean.


4. On 2010-11-18, Bret said:

I actually ate myself sick on Indian the other night. I haven't done that since I was, like, 6.


5. On 2010-11-18, Gregor Hutton said:

You'll be playing cricket in no time.


6. On 2010-11-22, Vincent said:

Last week, I forgot to notice that they have store-made ginger beer on the menu. This week, you can believe me, I made NO SUCH MISTAKE.


7. On 2010-11-23, Robert Bohl said:

Oh man, I wish I'd known about the ginger beer.


8. On 2010-11-23, Vincent said:

I didn't bring any up! You didn't miss any that was there. Meet me in Springfield for lunch sometime, though.


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