2011-01-11 : In more delicious news...

I have a bar of chocolate here made by Lillie Belle Farms called DO NOT EAT THIS CHOCOLATE. It has frickin' ghost chilies in it. I've been eating it since xmas in pieces the size of like a candy corn.

It's so delicious my ears are bleeding.


1. On 2011-01-11, Jim D said:

"A full metal death chili and chocolate bitch slap", huh... sounds like a winner to me!


2. On 2011-01-11, Vincent said:

The truth is that it's about as spicy as sriracha, maybe just a little spicier. Insane for chocolate, but not, like, insane insane.

The flavors are wonderful, and it's lastingly warm in your mouth.


3. On 2011-01-12, Bret said:

So here's an indelicate question:

how's your butt after eating it?


4. On 2011-01-14, Eppy said:

Ooh, there's a chance their crunch fire almond whatever it's called bar is vegan. Looks dark chocolate-y. I must investigate more.


5. On 2011-01-18, Vincent said:

Bret: You're right, indelicate! But: fine, thank you.

Eppy: They might have it at River Valley, that's where I got this one.


6. On 2011-01-18, Bret said:

I'll have to order some, now that my butt-fears have been calmed


7. On 2011-01-25, John Mc said:

I love it.  Thanks for the recommendation!


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