2011-04-26 : My favorite restaurant: Chaconia

I believe I'll run a little series here at anyway, about where I eat. That seems fun.

Authentic cuisine of Trinidad & Tobago
301 Bridge St, Springfield MA
Very vegan-friendly. Mild-spicy.
Entrees from $7 to $12 or so, lunch or dinner.

Chaconia has been in business only since October, and I've eaten there almost once a week since then. If you're in Springfield on a Monday, come join me.

I brought Meg and the kids down for the first time last week. I was afraid that the kids wouldn't like it, but boy howdy was I wrong. It's their new favorite restaurant too.

Don't be misled by the "Café Manhattan" awning. That's the place! Tell Miguel I sent you, he's the lunchtime waiter.

Be sure to try:

The goat roti, or the vegetarian roti if you prefer. A roti is a flatbread made with ground yellow split peas, quite soft. It comes stuffed with delicous amazing goodness - goat curry, channa curry, pumpkin, curry green beans, spinach, others. All the veg choices are vegan. A meat roti comes with a meat curry plus 2 veg; the veg roti has 3 veg.

The homemade drinks. The sorrel is luscious, the ginger beer is bright and sweet. Ask for a taste of the mauby before you commit to it, it's licorice-y and very bitter. Meg says that it tastes like flowers until it kicks you in the mouth. I'm pretty well addicted to it.

The scotch bonnet hot sauce. It's not kidding around. It lights up the world.

1. On 2011-04-26, Vincent said:

Oh, and if you're visiting Western Mass for JiffyCon or something, or departing Western Mass for points South, Chaconia is right around the corner from the train station. IF YOU GET WHAT I'M SAYING.


2. On 2011-04-26, John Harper said:

When you're in Seattle, we'll take you to our Trinbago spot, Pam's Kitchen. I'm a fan of the mauby, too. Also, sorrel rum punch!


3. On 2011-04-27, Alex D. said:

My goodness, that sounds amazing. Probably can't justify the two hour drive, but if I'm ever out that way for anything else, I'll be sure to pop in.


4. On 2011-04-27, Emily said:

Cripes! How have we missed it all this time!


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