2011-05-04 : More Podcasts!

Let's see.

Ninja Vs Pirates interviewed me about Apocalypse World: part 1 and part 2.

These are hard to listen to! I was having totally-my-fault audio probs. I'll be happy to do a do-over if Mike & Mitch want.

I sorted my mic probs out, though, in time for Jenn Wong to interview me: Jennisodes #41 - Moral and Ethical Values in Vincent Baker's games.

She got me talking about food.

Anybody who wants to talk about anything from the interviews, ask away!

1. On 2011-05-05, ctrail said:

I liked hearing about your experiences cooking, I like to cook and have been trying to find more time for it lately. Which reminds me, I've had good results with the "booty" pancake recipe you posted here a while back, and it was also a pretty entertaining read for a recipe...
I'd enjoy hearing more about cooking if you have other good recipes or stories...


2. On 2011-05-05, Josh W said:

Here's what came to me when one of the guys in the first podcast asked why your violence is wrapped in social mechanics: Because all violence is social! (slight exageration)

It does occur to me though that your games specifically deal with animate participents in violence, not bodily harm. Not sure about poisoned, that might be an exception, but you don't seem to make games about gore or generic effects on bodies.

Eg it's not a SAW game, but it's also not a medical game.

It occurs to me that someone could build a complimentary game to this, which would be about damage without meaning. No chance you'll see me designing it, but it would basically be a Cronenberg apocolypse game.

So in contrast your game seems a lot more healthy, and it puts random damage tables in a very different light for me!

On second thoughts I don't exactly mean it's not a medical game, because of course having the Angel in there means that doing medicine is a thing that is represented. What I mean is that like an extension of hitpoints, it's not a game about being injured so much as "are you willing to hurt someone" dealing with people's injuries and "I'm going to need some help here". That ring true?


3. On 2011-05-05, Vincent said:

It does ring true, yeah. "I'm going to need some help here," yeah, very much.


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