2005-03-12 : Dogs in the Vineyard Desktop Image

Look at this unbelievably cool thing John Harper made!

Dogs in the Vineyard desktop image

I'm blown away.

Look at the rest of his indie game desktops too. I remember when he first linked to the Sorcerer and Universalis ones - I said to myself, self, when John makes one of those for one of your games, that's how you'll know.

1. On 2005-03-13, JasonN said:

That is kinda neat.  Except, hey, aren't those the wrong kinda guns?  ;-)



2. On 2005-03-13, anon. said:

You're right. I should do another version with guns more like the ones on Vincent's resource page.

I just noticed something about the image that was a happy accident: guns and scripture stand between the faithful (the tree) and demons (the skull). I like that.


3. On 2005-03-14, John Harper said:

Um... that post above is me.

Anyway, I fixed the guns. They're now Smith & Wesson No. 2 Army models. No trigger guards, lower profile. Much more Dogs-like.


4. On 2005-03-14, Brennan said:

Ron should use that image for his Sorcerer cover. Wow.

John, these are all awesome! Very, very nice work, and great job evoking the theme of all of these games. Where do you nab the images for the composites?


5. On 2005-03-14, kat miller said:


I love the Dogs image.
powerful and really cool.



6. On 2005-03-14, John Harper said:

I use Google image search, mainly. Some of the shots are from stock photo sites like Getty, though.

The source pics usually get modified quite a bit. The pages in the Book of Life are actually scans of the Declaration of Independence, for example.


7. On 2005-03-15, Poh Tun Kai said:

John, I just put that wallpaper on my work PC. Very cool. I'm going to show my Dogs players right away.


8. On 2005-03-15, JasonN said:

The new guns are great, John.  Cool!



9. On 2005-03-20, Ninja Hunter J said:

I'm very happy about the new guns. It's now my desktop image.


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