2011-08-19 : Burning Apocalypse Con


11-11-11 in New York City, Luke and me, Apocalypse World and Burning Wheel.

It's going to be MADNESS.

Details to come.

1. On 2011-08-19, Matt Wilson said:

Awesome! Will be good to see you again!


2. On 2011-08-19, Leftahead said:

It's like the ultimate 'welcome to New York' present!

Looking forward to this!

-Jim C


3. On 2011-08-19, Luke said:

Right now I'm imagining a party hosted/curated by Jared Sorensen—music and games—on Friday night.

At said party on Friday night Vincent and Luke co-deliver keynote address. We can't do it Sat morning because the space is only available until 11 and so it fucks up the time slots.

Saturday from 9-1, 2-6, 7-11 we have three slots of full games, with some scheme to encourage people to play in games they otherwise would not.

Sunday we have two slots 9-1 and 2-6. Then an afterparty dinner (not at my house!).

Everyone who attends must run an event.
All VB and LC games will be eligible, but AW and BW will be encouraged.
Registration will be $50ish like last year.

I'm super excited!


4. On 2011-08-19, Vincent said:

Here is the thread over at the Burning Wheel forum.

I'm super excited too.


5. On 2011-08-19, Jenskot said:


Can I only run events?


6. On 2011-08-19, Alex Davis said:

Ah, dang, if it weren't so expensive to stay in NY (I looked into it for something else, it looks like minimum 150-200/night for hotel alone), I'd love to come.

Have fun, everyone!


7. On 2011-08-19, luke said:

We are going to arrange a room-sharing program at the con hotel. We're committed to you making new friends and having a good time for as little money as possible!


8. On 2011-08-19, Alex Davis said:

I think I'm going to keep it in mind, then.
There's a (very slight) chance I might go.

Sounds like a great time.


9. On 2011-08-19, Alex Abate Biral said:

Burning Wheel and Apocalypse World?! What a lousy time to have an expired passport!


10. On 2011-08-20, Tim Ralphs said:

It's a lousy time to be on the wrong side of the Atlantic, that's for sure.


11. On 2011-09-28, henebry said:

I'm going to find a way to make this possible.

Everyone who attends must run a session? That's hardcore!


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