2011-09-18 : Notajiffycon

Was very fun! I'll tell you about it. Now, I'm raising this glass of yum Yuengling to Dennis. Thanks! Yum!

1. On 2011-09-18, Kit said:

I have nothing useful to say except that, since moving to Colorado, I miss Yuengling. It's a solid beer.


2. On 2011-09-19, Vincent said:

On Friday night and Saturday day, I played the CRAP out of Murderous Ghosts. That game's -this close- to outside playtesting. I need to design it instead of telling you all about it, though!


3. On 2011-09-20, Vincent said:

In the opening circle time I declared that I'd be running Cel-Style games in the nearby park. That turned into just setting Meg, Julia, Maya and Kate up to play Hot Guys Making Out, while I played thoroughly through Murderous Ghosts with Elliot.

Meanwhile, Sebastian (my 14-year-old) ran his game in development Blasters for Hire for Evan, Sam and Tom. They came out of the game raving - Evan says that Blasters for Hire was the clear darling of the con. So that's pretty seriously cool, Sebastian's first game design and his first time running a game at a con.


4. On 2011-09-20, Marhault said:

I want to know more about both Murderous Ghosts AND Blasters for Hire.  Point me in the right direction?


5. On 2011-09-20, Vincent said:

You're hearing it here first!


6. On 2011-09-20, Alex said:

"Murderous Ghosts AND Blasters for Hire"? That's a tricky combination!

So, here's how I see it: Alternate universe Star Wars, Han Solo and Boba Fett off each other in an epic fire-fight. But the Emperor realizes they're both too valuable to let go of, and conjures their spirits using some crazy Dark Side ritual.

But, alas, they were too powerful to serve him. They kill the old coot, leading to the fall of the Empire. Seriously, screw that Luke Skywalker guy.

So the game is the ghosts of Boba Fett and Han Solo haunting around the galaxy, out for revenge against their killer in the only way possible - out-(undead)-gun-for-hiring the other!

One person plays Solo, one plays Fett, and another acts as a GM. The roles rotate. It's kind of gamist, in that you try and get the highest score, but also super narrative. It's high on the epic wonkometer.

Or... wait, you're talking about something else?


7. On 2011-09-20, Alex said:

Dang, I spent way too much time on that joke.
In seriousness, excited to see where these games go!


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