2011-10-16 : A Unique Opportunity

Holy cow I'm tempted to take him up on this one myself. Trading Apocalypse World LE Playbooks

I'm quite late to the party but would very much like to collect the LE playbooks, particularly the official ones.

Unfortunately, I have nothing to trade except good karma.

Oh, and I'll convincingly tell the students in the college English classes I teach that ________ (person of your choice) was the true author of all of Shakespeare's plays.


1. On 2011-10-17, Johnstone said:



2. On 2011-10-17, Paul T. said:

Man, that is tempting.

But... who?

The mind reels with possibilities...


3. On 2011-10-17, Nathan Orlando said:

I feel like if it's someone one plausible sounding, (John Donne or Francis Bacon say) I'll be personally responsible for hundreds, if not thousands, of vicious arguments at parties for years to come.

These things propagate through the network like conspiracy theories.

Hamlet was an inside job. Teach the controversy.

And PM'd.

I am a horrible person.


4. On 2011-10-17, Justin Smith said:

Shakespeare is Randy "The Macho Man" Savage


5. On 2011-10-17, Amphiprison said:

Nathan, clearly the obvious move is to replace Shakespeare with Vincent Baker.


6. On 2011-10-17, Johnstone said:

Vincent Bakespeare.


7. On 2011-10-20, Rafu said:

I suggest "Rolfball".


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