2012-02-19 : Holy Crap Monsterhearts

At this moment, 4 days left, and not quite to $10,000.


Holy crap friends.

1. On 2012-02-19, Kit said:

It sure does rock.


2. On 2012-02-19, Leftahead said:

Very happy he included an option for retailers in there, looks like several besides me hav jumped in. I hope more of these projects follow suit!



3. On 2012-02-19, David Berg said:

Sweet!  Good stuff, Joe—looks like the folder of printouts and CD were great calls.


4. On 2012-02-19, Ben Lehman said:

It's such a good game.


5. On 2012-02-19, Blackrat said:

I'm so glad someone claimed The Summoning Ritual! What a fantastic reward! :-)

- Nick


6. On 2012-02-20, Frank T said:

Crowdfunding is great! Did you hear about the Order of the Stick? Unbelievable.


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