2012-02-29 : Weapon Masters

Hey if any of you are looking for Apocalypse World inspiration, heavy on the savvyhead, check out Weapon Masters on Netflix instant. Or if you just like watching shows where people build nuts things that shoot or explode or whatever.

Guy builds a Roman scorpion using leaf springs from an old truck with an air clutch for a trigger, mounts it on the arm of a frickin' excavator, and sits on the roof under a ratty-ass parasol to fire it. And you should see the state of his workspace.

Thumbs up!

1. On 2012-02-29, Vincent said:

J, I think you'd like this show. It looks a little like Who Would Win? but really it's more like Junkyard Wars.


2. On 2012-03-01, Larry said:

Sounds pretty sweet.


3. On 2012-03-01, Simon C said:

I read Riddley Walker the other day and was all fired up to give Apocalypse World a spin again.

One of the things I like about the book is how everyone is prepared to talk first, and killing is a big deal. That's not the standard Apocalypse World for sure, but it would make an interesting change to make the world a lot stranger, but a little less violent. Maybe just having far fewer people in the world would achieve that? There's lots of game design in Apocalypse World that happens inside peoples expectations of "post apocalyptic".


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