2012-03-08 : Good Fun Things

Hello, friends!

While all this has been overflowing my poor little blog I haven't been able to tell you about a couple of good things.


You know how 10 years ago I designed a fun little giant robot tabletop minis game you play with Lego? Well.

At GameStorm a couple of years ago, this game came to the attention of Mike Pondsmith of R. Talsorian. For those of you who don't know, R. Talsorian owns the trademark "Mekton," "Mechaton" in Japan. After the con R. Talsorian contacted me and "asked" me to change my game's name.

I decided that the best, most fun way to comply with their "request" would be to publish a fancy new edition. Which I promptly didn't do. Fortunately, they allowed me to sell through my existing stock instead of insisting that I destroy it.

Then, a little while ago, my friend Joshua was like "Mechaton 10th anniversary edition?" We've been playing the game and messing around with it together for all these years, so I was like, "holy crap am I busy, for reals. If you want to make it, though, I am RIGHT THERE."

He enlisted Lego design rock star Soren Roberts to create new mechs, we impressed my son Sebastian for good measure, and here's the upshot: Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack.

Legion Grunt


This weekend, like, starting tomorrow, I'm going to be at Monster Mania Con in Philadelphia. I'm teaming up with a couple of my fellow purveyors of horror and we're going to find out if horror fans like horror games!

It'll be Epidiah Ravachol, Bret Gillan, and yrs trly at a table with Apocalypse World, Dread, Dread House, Final Girl, Murderous Ghosts, Poison'd, Serial Homicide Unit (by Kat & Mike Miller), and Shelter In Place (by J.R. Blackwell). I can't even wait.

Know who else will be at the con? Robert Englund, Gunnar Hansen, Christine, Nicholas Brendon, David Prowse, and a zillion more. I, um, really liked Nicholas Brendon in Kitchen Confidential.

1. On 2012-03-08, Bret said:

I feel like I should have seen something that Nicholas Brendon has been in besides Buffy, but I haven't.


2. On 2012-03-08, Gamethyme said:

Will you release (somewhere) diagrams and lists of LEGO parts for the various Frames? It makes it easier for me to hit the local LEGO store if I have a list of parts in hand. :)


3. On 2012-03-08, Paul T. said:

Do you play Apocalypse World any differently when aiming at a "horror" audience?


4. On 2012-03-08, Tim Ralphs said:

The game still allows for doing unto our friends the enormous hurt, right?


5. On 2012-03-08, Mantisking said:


Will you be doing work on MFZ:RA in the future when you're less busy?


6. On 2012-03-08, Vincent said:

Mantisking: I'm doing work on it now! I'm mid-draft on the final rules as we speak.

I'm just not publishing the damned thing this time. THAT'S a lot of work.


7. On 2012-03-08, Micah Bauer said:

My recent obsession with Legos makes this announcement all the more exciting. I've wasted a good portion of the day looking at tiny robots and getting inspired.


8. On 2012-03-09, Larry said:

Awesome. Good luck with both the Kickstarter and with the potential new market.


9. On 2012-03-10, Leftahead said:

Was the decision not include a retailer buy-in conscious, or did it just not cross your mind?

I'd love to contribute, and know probably at least half a dozen other stores that would kick in too!

-Jim C


10. On 2012-03-13, Joshua A.C. Newman said:

@Gamethyme The book includes parts lists and instructions. I'm publishing preliminary drafts already for backers!

@Tim, the game actually demands that you do to me now the enormous hurt. Furthermore, there are many shovels distributed throughout the promotional photos for such purpose.

@Mantisking, it's a stupid amount of work. I've been sick for the last week and have had a relentless headache for the last couple of months. I am a big sucker for taking this on. Good thing I like it so much!

@Micah, welcome to my world!

@Leftahead/Jim, I'm publishing the game right now, not Vincent, so I'll field this. I have to clear all costs with as high a margin as possible up to the point where I'm in the black on the project. Then I can start taking risks with retailers. The project is now in the black (even compensating for some errors) which means I can start to think about retailer cuts. I've been pretty sick for the last couple of days, though, which has really slowed down my work on the project, and there are other parts ahead of the retailer option ??the parts inducing the aforementioned sickness and headache ??that I have to deal with first.

So don't worry, retailers will get a chance to get in on the deal shortly. I've just fallen a bit behind.


11. On 2012-03-14, Leftahead said:

Sweet, thanks Josh! One of the things I really love about this model is the ability to add new rewards mid-way. Once you come up with something I will certainly pass it along to the small group of other stores who I know are actively pro-indie. (pro-COP?)



12. On 2012-03-22, Jeff Russell said:

Um, holy crap. Now that you guys have bypassed 300% funding for MFZ:RA, and may even be going for 400%, any thoughts on what you're going to invest it into? I mean, besides things like food and rent, of course.

Oh, and did you guys mention it to Tycho, or did he just find it?


13. On 2012-03-23, Joshua A.C. Newman said:

I thought I saw where Tycho got it, but now I'm not sure. I could ask him, actually. That would be good data.

He has turned down our offer of a company of Fruit Fuckers. We think we're going for Mospaeda Cyclones, though, in the form of a Free Colonies biker gang.


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