2012-06-22 : Marginalia

I've turned marginalia back on. Here's a quick guide.

You have two options for marginalia on a post. First is just a link, titled but with no commentary: "this reminds me of ___."

Second is a quick comment with an optional longer explanation: "this makes me go ___."

Feel free to add marginalia to anyone's comments, including your own. Just click the "marginalia" link out on the right hand there.

On the front page, below the most recent posts and most recent comments, there's a link to most recent marginalia. That page is a little confusing but you'll figure it out.

Um, anything else? Oh, to prove you're not a robot or something, type "human" in the "if you're human" box. Monkey and toaster work too.

1. On 2012-06-22, Vincent said:

If you feel like testing it out, here's a comment!


direct link

This reminds...
JRD of anyway
JRD of Google
AAB of yay, marginalia is back!

This makes...
VB go "Thusly."
VB go "Of course."*
JRD go "Hooray, testing."*
LPL go "Nifty!"*
CS go "I wonder how many characters I can fit in what is supposed to be the short part of the "This makes me go""*
CS go "Apparently so."

*click in for more

2. On 2012-06-22, Jim D said:

Looks like the "this reminds" links don't work.  The first one was supposed to go to, the second to; in each case I just seem to get redirected to the post's page.


direct link

This reminds...
JRD of Sanity check
clw of yeah?
VB of Testing

This makes...
VB go "Fixed it."

3. On 2012-06-22, Alex D. said:

Just utter curiosity, but why did marginalia go away? Why did it come back? I started (regularly) reading anyway after it went away, so, I'm just kind of interested.


4. On 2012-06-22, Kit said:

Does "toaster" actually work? Apparently!


5. On 2012-06-22, Moreno said:

"Cylon" works, too.

Our sinister plan to infiltrate the human culture can proceed.


6. On 2012-06-22, Vincent said:

Alex: Marginalia went away because it got spambotted really hard. It came back because somebody asked, and I randomly felt like mucking around in my terrible, terrible old handwritten blog code to add the Voight-Kampff test to it to keep it from getting spambotted again.

Not that the code I write today is much better.


7. On 2012-06-22, Alex. D said:

Oh! Huh. This isn't relevant to the actual discussion, but it reminds me, I'm rather interested in the behind-the-scenes of anyway, it being a custom set-up and not an off-the-shelf thing.


8. On 2012-06-23, Vincent said:

Not much to it. I have PHP read and write to a MySQL database. These days I use CodeIgniter for all my projects but when I coded anyway I just sat down and wrote it. It's pretty terrible inside.

When I started blogging back in 2000, I just hand-edited and re-edited an html file. Later, before I figured out the whole database thing, I wrote some PHP that read and wrote to a giant text file, if you can imagine it.

Even when I switched up to the database, Wordpress didn't really exist yet and neither did anything else. This thing where naturally you just download some off-the-shelf blog software and point your browser to install.php, old as it is, is newer than anyway. You don't know it, children, but you live in an age of leisure!


9. On 2012-06-23, Alex. D said:

Oh, wow. It'd never occur to me not to use a database. Unless the project really called for it. CodeIgniter's nice, yeah. And given the timeline in question, it all rather makes sense.


10. On 2012-06-24, Charles S said:

Did the explanation part exist before? It is a bit odd that it is only visible in the add new marginalia part of the interface. I guess I'm just thinking of it backwards, and the add new marginalia part of the interface is only available in the view full marginalia part of the interface.


11. On 2012-06-24, Vincent said:

Yep! This is exactly as it was before.


12. On 2012-06-26, Vincent said:

I find I'm spoiled by modern-day social software. I want notifications or something! That most recent marginalia page is not adequate.

Hm. I wonder when I'll have a week free to do nothing but redesign my blog.


13. On 2012-06-26, Alex D. said:

What sort of notifications? If you have a mail server, it should be easy enough* to fire off an automated email when someone posts marginalia. Hook into the code for submitting marginalia and use the info you're already taking in anyway (initials, link/text, etc).

If you mean on-site notifications, or notifications for people other than you, well, that gets a tad trickier.

- Alex

* nothing's ever as easy as it looks, I know, I know


direct link

This makes...
VB go "Yep!"*
AD go "That's always the way"

*click in for more

14. On 2012-06-26, Marshall B said:

I'm not sure if you can do anything about it, but from the Android phone I'm using, I can't click through on marginalia that are supposed to be click-throughable. I tap the hyperlink but nothing happens.


15. On 2012-06-26, Vincent said:

Click the "marginalia" link. The remarks themselves aren't links.


direct link

This makes...
R go "It'd actually be better if they were..."*

*click in for more

16. On 2012-06-26, Josh W said:

It'd be nice if you could make the marginalia explanation text a tooltip that comes up when you hover over the text.


17. On 2012-06-27, Marshall B said:

Ohhhhhhh. I thought the asteriskses were the hyperlinks.


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