2012-07-30 : The Regiment: Market Garden

If you aren't already avidly following Paul Riddle's writeups for his Operation Market Garden game of The Regiment, you ought to at least give them a look.

They start here, [The Regiment AP] Operation Market Garden (Session 1), and you can find them all listed here, Category Archives: The Regiment.

They're breathtaking.

1. On 2012-08-02, Jacob B said:

And now you've got me on a cliffhanger after having read these start to finish. I'm loving the AP reports, and lamenting that I probably won't find locals to play with myself. I got seriously addicted to Band of Brothers a few years back, and the AW engine seems just perfect for this style of play that is emerging through the AP posts.


2. On 2012-08-03, Vincent said:

No kidding, huh? I'm just basically in awe.


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