2013-04-20 : A Vast & Starlit Post

starring me, Meg, and Eppy

Meg: How long were you in for?
Me: Do you mean, how long was I in before we escaped, or how long was my sentence?
Meg: Both. How long was your sentence?
Me: Ten thousand consecutive lifetimes.
Meg: Huh! How long were you in before we escaped?
Me: Eight days.
Meg, Eppy: Oooooh...

1. On 2013-04-20, Vincent said:

Vast & Starlit

Eppy: Wait. You were in for war crimes, weren't you?



2. On 2013-04-22, Eppy said:

Over the weekend I got to introduce someone to roleplaying games using Vast & Starlit.

It has begun.


direct link

This makes...
VB go "+1"
JC go "Why didn't you..."*
ER go "Too many participants."
MEK go "And the floodgates will open..."*

*click in for more

3. On 2013-04-23, Evan said:

But Eppy, shouldn't every RPG at least have THAC0?
Some of us like our vestigial uselessness!


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