2013-05-10 : Valiant Girls

Hey, Meguey's new game is live! Check it out:
Valiant Girls

It's a fun game and lest I make myself a nag, it's more important than you realize, you who still read my blog. It's fully mainstream, approachable, functional, and complete, in an appropriately-sized and unintimidating package.

If you're interested in:
- non-misogynist game design
- non-racist game design
- game design for a non-nerd audience
- game design with a humane social footprint
then you should be paying attention, or else don't come crying to me!

1. On 2013-05-10, czipeter said:

That's pretty straight, honest marketing which I like very much. Even more, it's a real bargain. Sold.


2. On 2013-05-10, summerdown said:

Is there any chance you could expand on what the game is about?


3. On 2013-05-10, Vincent said:

It's about girls working together to deal with trouble.

When I played, we were three girls on a ranch on a space colony, and we had to deal with a rustler who sabotaged our air processing system and stole some of our cattle. It's like the title says - we were strong, smart, brave, and together we could deal with it.

(It's not by default a sci fi game, but certain features of our immediate environment when we played all but guaranteed a sci fi setting.)


4. On 2013-05-10, summerdown said:

Sounds good! Purchased :)


5. On 2013-05-10, Vincent said:


6. On 2013-05-12, Meserach said:

I am interested in all of those four things! Auto-ordered.


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