2013-05-21 : Game Chef 2013

Every year I say I'm doing Game Chef, but I haven't actually managed to finish and submit a game since 2002.


Here in the nano-future, though, I don't have any excuse. What, I don't even have time to write a nanogame? How sad would that be.

My game's called Eden: Dropship. It's based on Aliens. It's almost done!

Game Chef 2013

1. On 2013-05-21, Vincent said:

Oh! I did manage to participate in the first half of Game Chef 2008, so that's something at least: IRON GAME CHEF 08


2. On 2013-05-22, Marhault said:

Hell yeah, man!  Game Chef doesn't work for me anymore, but I still love it.  Glad you're participating.  (And good luck!)


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