2013-06-11 : I think we may be back...



1. On 2013-06-11, Vincent said:

Huh, a couple of errors to sort out. Well, okay.


2. On 2013-06-11, PeterBB said:

I can post!


direct link

This makes...
VB go "Hooray!"

3. On 2013-06-11, anon. said:

Let's check if it still accept "cylon" instead of "human...

Yes! Success!

P.S: What is left to port to the new server? I see that the reviews and articles from the forge are still missing, and knife fight too.


4. On 2013-06-11, anon. said:

There are still problems with the "preview, monkey!" button...


5. On 2013-06-12, Vincent said:

Evidently it also lets you comment with no handle.

The preview looks okay to me. Anybody else having preview button trouble?


6. On 2013-06-12, Vincent said:

Can I get an RSS subscriber to confirm that the feed's working again?


direct link

This makes...
R go "The "new posts" feed is working."*

*click in for more

7. On 2013-06-12, Moreno R. said:

The comments were mine. I was so used to the blog putting my name on my posts that I didn't even notice that this time it didn't.

It seems it was the reason the preview did't work, too: when I put my handle in, it works. When I don't, it doesn't work.


8. On 2013-06-12, Vincent said:

Ah. Cool, I'll fix that, thanks!


9. On 2013-06-12, Michael Loy said:

The RSS seems to work.


direct link

This makes...

10. On 2013-06-12, Moreno R. said:

The post preview didn't work in Ron's forum, too (and I was logged in there)

Plus, I don't know if this is caused by my browser settings or by the blog, but I can't see anymore which comments are new from my last visit.


11. On 2013-06-13, Jeronimo said:

Text is ok, but pictures are missing.

The fruitful void

Can you fix this, please?


12. On 2013-06-13, Vincent said:

Got 'em. If you spot more missing, let me know!


13. On 2013-06-14, Jeronimo said:

Found an other one:

2012-02-11 : 3 Problems

Thanks Vincent.


14. On 2013-06-14, Vincent said:

Thanks! I'll get those as soon as I can.


15. On 2013-06-15, Moreno R. said:

This is a forge problem, but seeing that the forum is closed, I am posting here about it (tell me if you prefer e-mail or another way to signal problems at the forge): there are problems in the advanced search page, I can't restrict the searches (for example, i am searching for something about MLWM and I am restricting the search to the actual play and helf meme subforum, but i always get the results from all the archive and all the subforums)


16. On 2013-06-15, Moreno R. said:

I have to correct my previous post.  The problem is bigger than that, it seems that it doesn't parse more than a single word anymore and the results are wrong (it gives pages where the searched word is not present)


17. On 2013-06-15, Vincent said:

I'll look into it. Thanks!


18. On 2013-06-16, Vincent said:

I got the Forge articles & reviews back up.


19. On 2013-06-16, Vincent said:

Moreno: I reinstalled the forums' search logs and it looks like that's fixed it.


20. On 2013-06-17, Moreno R. said:



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