2013-07-20 : We live in a beautiful age

I'm about to link to some people asking money for things. I'm not shilling! Check them out if you're interested, don't if you aren't, it's all you. I'm excited about them, but even more, they show how exciting a world we live in now.

In this world, you can make what you want and sell it directly to the people who want it.

In this world, you can invest in the work of individual people whose success you're eager to see.

They've democratized commerce. For $0.25 + 5% per transaction, the jailers have sold us the key to our cell.

So exciting!

Here's my friend Jason: The Return Of The Jazz Session!

Here's my friend Joe: Joe Mcdaldno is creating Little Games - Using games to break open new thoughts and possibilities.

Here's my friend Ben: Ben is creating small weird games - because the world should be better, stranger, and more interesting.

Here's Porpentine, an indie electronic game designer of whom I'm a big fan: Porpentine is creating games - argh. Porpentine's patron rewards are particularly brilliant. For $5: "i will draw something on my computer and send it to you electronically and nothing bad will happen"

Here's my friend Epidiah: Epidiah is creating Words Without Master - An Adventure Fiction & Gaming Magazine.

1. On 2013-07-20, Vincent said:

When I was younger, all I wanted in this beautiful blue world was an acceptance letter from a magazine for a story I'd written. I never got one, then I gave up. Honestly I didn't stick it out very long. I haven't paid my 100 rejection letter dues. I said "screw it" and took to publishing my own games instead.

It occurred to me this morning, three days after the fact, that I'd finally gotten one. Such as it was: an email from my friend and conspirator Eppy, two words long ("it's in"), from a magazine that hasn't had a first issue yet. Some acceptance letter!

But publishing my own games sure has taken all the mystique out of "getting published." I get my first acceptance letter and for real all I can imagine is how much work it's going to be for the publisher. I'm like, "ha! Eppy. Sucker."



2. On 2013-07-20, Ben Lehman said:

This is a weird, beautiful world, where our friend Barry is the odd man our because he has, like, a publisher and contracts and deadlines.

Thank you for linking to me. I was like: Hey I have some extra peeps! That's cool, I wonder why?


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