2013-08-18 : Utah Bound

Tomorrow morning I leave to visit Utah for the first time in 25 years. Wish me luck!

I'll be basically offline most of the time. See you when I get back, a week from now.

1. On 2013-08-19, Micah said:

Are you going to be anywhere near Logan?


2. On 2013-08-19, Gordon said:

Good luck!


3. On 2013-08-19, Vincent said:

Micah: Not really. We'll be in Provo and south. Are you in Logan?

Gordon: Thanks!


4. On 2013-08-19, Micah said:

Vincent: Yeah, I'm in Logan going to back to school. I was working down in Utah Valley before, but I've been here for a year. Hope you have a good one.


5. On 2013-08-23, GB Steve said:

I can't help humming,
Going down to Utah, gonna see some friends of mine,
Going down to Utah, gonna have myself a time
Friendly people spouting "Howdy Neighbour!"

But it's probably nothing like South Park. Good luck!


6. On 2013-08-24, Vincent said:

Back home! Had a marvelous time. Exhausted.


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