2005-07-14 : RSS Feed for Testing

Hey! I've made a first-stab RSS feed. If you're an RSS-type reader of me, please please PLEASE give me feedback.

1. On 2005-07-14, Vincent said:

Here's for my own reference: Bloglines.


2. On 2005-07-14, Sben said:

Seems to work in my RSS reader (the Sage plugin for Firefox).


3. On 2005-07-14, Vincent said:

Here's a question: should I include only my single most recent post in the feed, my 15 most recent posts, or some number in between?


4. On 2005-07-14, ScottM said:

At your current posting rate, the current default of 5 looks fine.  (I also used Firefox/Sage, so I can't contribute on that end).

I notice that the RSS shows a short description, rather than an excerpt or the full post.  So when you post, do you write out the post then write out a summary (for the RSS)?


5. On 2005-07-14, Vincent said:

That's the plan. I expect I'll mostly be copy-pasting the first paragraph or few sentences.


6. On 2005-07-14, Vincent said:

So now, the feed doesn't reflect comments here at all, but the comment threads are the good stuff. What would people suggest? I could make a second feed to compile comments according to some scheme or other. One entry per five comments, one entry per ten comments, something like that.


7. On 2005-07-14, Adam Dray said:

I'd welcome a feed that output one entry per comment, or any compilation you want to create. I read everything through LiveJournal.

I set up an LJ syndication for called anyway_rss. LJ people, add it to your friends list.


8. On 2005-07-14, Sben said:

I don't know how hard this would be, but how about:

* One RSS feed listing threads (what you have now).
* One RSS feed for each thread, listing comments.  Folk can subscribe to the ones they're interested in.


9. On 2005-07-15, Ginger Stampley said:

Thanks for putting up an RSS feed. You have made me a very happy camper. I'll be testing it through Bloglines over the next few days and let you know if I run across any problems.


10. On 2005-07-16, Warren said:

Thanks for the RSS feed. I'd agree with what Sben wrote - one main RSS feed for the main blog, and then a seperate one per thread to which we can subscribe if we wish.

I use Firefox/Sage, and again no probs.


11. On 2005-07-17, ricmadeira said:

Yeah, baby! An RSS feed, finally!

It seems to work just fine with our feed aggregator at

As for the number of posts... I'd say 5 (or more) is a good number. Only the most recent post would be bad; people would be sure to miss out on some of your posts!

But having to keep the RSS feed updated manually is a bit of chore, don't you think?


12. On 2005-07-17, ricmadeira said:

Oh... and if you could add Date/Time data for the posts on the feed, that would be superb!


13. On 2005-07-18, Sben said:

Another option, less work:  Two feeds, one for articles (which you have), one for the last couple dozen comments (a longer version of the front page's "Newest Comments").


14. On 2005-07-19, Brendan said:

The feed works fine in Feed On Feeds 0.1.9.  Thanks!


15. On 2005-07-19, Ginger Stampley said:

The feed seems to be working fine in Bloglines, subject to Bloglines' usual flakiness.


16. On 2005-07-21, rafial said:

A couple comments—I note the content-type header of the feed is text/html, it should be text/xml

Viewing the feed in NetNewsWire, embedded HTML (like links) is getting rendered as the literal markup rather than being interpreted.  I peeked at the raw feed and I notice that the significant stuff is getting escape as character entities.  I don't know enough RSS fu to know if this is a good thing or not, but I compared with Clinton's feed and I noticed that there the HTML content is in CDATA blocks, and it seems work much better

Please please please put full article text in the feed.  Feeds that have summaries are annoying because you can't read them off line!


17. On 2005-07-21, Vincent said:

Okay, the full article text it is.

I'm not smart enough to fix the others. Let me research.


18. On 2005-07-21, Vincent said:

Fixed the header.


19. On 2005-07-21, Vincent said:

Have I fixed the markup? Somebody let me know.


20. On 2005-07-26, ScottM said:

The full articles still read fine. The comment articles read fine... except they're titled "2007: Vincent at 2005-07-26 14:44:40" and the like, If you were trying to subhead it with the post title, you've got a little further to go.


21. On 2005-07-26, Vincent said:

Yeah, I know. I'll keep at it, as I get the time.


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