2014-02-26 : Something Terrible is Coming

A countdown! 5.

The War-Herald:

Something terrible is coming. Everyone says so, but none claim to know what. The new Bloodless Priests say so, the old bloody Wicker-Wise say so. The Crowned Heads look out at the gathering storms and say so.

It is no mystery to me. It has always come, and it will always come again. It is war. It is always terrible.

1. On 2014-02-27, Vincent said:


The Dragon-Herald:

Something terrible is coming.

The new priests say that the Bloodless Xristos has set his foot upon the dragon's throat, and tamed it, and killed it. They say that dragons are no more upon the Earth.

They are mistaken.


2. On 2014-02-28, Vincent said:


The Wicker-Wise:

They say that something terrible is coming. It is in their sleep at night, in the air they breathe: it is terrible. It is coming. They bark on about war, dragons, signs, the rolling of crowned heads.

But I know that day follows day, moon follows moon, year follows year. There is nothing more terrible coming than death, life, death.


3. On 2014-02-28, Irminsul said:

4. On 2014-02-28, Vincent said:

Irminsul: Surprisingly, no. I've been kind of intentionally putting the Dragon Killer out of my mind while I work on this.

There are (many!) parallels and commonalities, but nothing that I thought was important about the Dragon Killer so far has made it into this game.


5. On 2014-03-01, Vincent said:


The Outlaw Heir

Something terrible came. I was young, but not too young to know. My family's great hall ran with the blood of my mother, the blood of my father, and then leapt with fire.

I am the howling wind. I am the hawk, bereft, screaming. I am terrible now.


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This makes...
AB go "Anyone else getting GoT vibes?"
VB go "You oughta be!"*
SD go "only, like, competent maybe"*

*click in for more

6. On 2014-03-02, Vincent said:


The Troll-Killer

Something terrible is coming. Something enormous, monstrous, inhuman in its hunger and its malice. Sometimes I smell it on the wind. Sometimes I hear it in the space between my heartbeats.

These things I kill, these dwellers in the new moon, in forest and fen, they are nothing to what will come.


7. On 2014-03-02, Mimir said:

This countdown reminds me of one particular poem. (That poem reminds me of a hammer on an anvil.)


8. On 2014-03-03, Frank T said:

Seeing this after reading the newest Ukraine coverage... creepy.


9. On 2014-03-03, Vincent said:

Mimir, Frank T: Borges and Ukraine! I'm supposed to follow Borges somehow? I'm supposed to follow Ukraine somehow? Dang.

Well, it's 0 o'clock anyway. Apocalypse World: Dark Age 1st look.


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