2005-09-22 : Executive Decision, the RPG

Here's an exciting thing!

Greg Stolze has just announced his latest game, Executive Decision. It includes contributions by Chad Underkoffler, Dennis Detwiller, Ron Edwards and Yours Truly!

He's ransoming it for $1000 to the Red Cross for hurricane relief. That is, donate whatever amount you want; when donations reach $1000 he'll give the whole sum to the Red Cross and make the game freely available to all. Pretty cool.

Executive Decision at

It's a cool game; I'm looking forward to talking about it, practice and theory, once it's available.

1. On 2005-09-22, Per Fischer said:

Live action? I don't even dig live action games. What the heck, I'm in! This game needs to be free, and if you can donate money to Red Cross at the same time, GO!


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This makes...
sdm go "Me too"

2. On 2005-09-22, Vincent said:

Here's Greg's Forge thread about it: Gamers Kidnap President—for Charity.


3. On 2005-09-22, Judd said:

I'm in.

I can't wait to turn to a friend and say, "Mr. President, we have a problem."


"Mrs. President, we have a problem."

That is going to rock.


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This makes...
BL go "Mr President..."*

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4. On 2005-09-22, Vincent said:

Ha! That's exactly what you're going to do.


5. On 2005-09-22, Vincent said:

I'm just psyched because you're going to say "Mr./Ms. President, we have a problem ..." and sometimes it's going to be a problem I thought of!


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This makes...
JK go ""Mr. President, its the Baker Situation again.""

6. On 2005-09-23, Larry said:

Does this game involve Steven Seagal getting sucked out of a stealth jet in the first ten minutes? 'Cause that would be awesome.


7. On 2005-09-24, Vincent said:

That would be kind of awesome, wouldn't it? Alas.


8. On 2005-09-24, Ninja Monkey J said:

Can we write a game where your stats are:

Steven Segal Dying


I think we could make a lot of money for the Red Cross.


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This makes...
XP go "I'd pay to play SS's death"
Matt go "next game chef?"*
BL go "Why the hate of Steven Segal?"*
XP go "Bad movies is about it."*
NinJ go "Crap movies with crap acting and crap morals..."*
BL go "Huh"*
lpl go "Because he sucks?"*

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9. On 2005-09-25, Ed Heil said:

speaking as the first President in the first playtest of this game ever.... it's way fun. :)

Just for the record.

The version I played at GenCon, was that before or after all y'all luminaries contributed to the game?  I didn't hear anything about anyone but Stolze being in on it at the time...


10. On 2005-09-25, Matthijs Holter said:

Sounds like fun... but two questions:

1. For those of us who for different reasons don't want to play a U. S. President, is it easy to port the game to another setting? Prime Minister & advisors, Martian Dictator & priesthood, or whatever?

2. Would this game be suitable as an educational simulation, or is it too abstract/far from reality/whatever?


11. On 2005-09-25, Ninja Monkey J said:

I want to know the answers to Matthijs' question, too!

I think the answers are being ransomed, though. I'm goin' over to pay them off!


12. On 2005-09-25, James said:

I intend to kick into the pot in about a week or so, when stops requiring registration.



13. On 2005-09-26, Matthijs Holter said:

Well, I hope the answers aren't ransomed :) - that would just be weird...


14. On 2005-09-26, Vincent said:

I have frankly no idea how possible it will be to play non-US. Maybe very, very difficult. It's pretty much The West Wing the RPG, so if The West Wing translates more-or-less painlessly into your local governmental idiom, Executive Decision probably will too.

How the game works is, you play the Prexy and her secretaries (of State, of the Interior, of Defense, etc.) confronting a particular preset situation (like the Baker Situation). You argue, then the Prexy decides, then you all find out how it works out and whose agendas win and whose lose.

It plays strictly in one hour for the 1-hour scenarios and two hours for the 2-hour scenarios. The Baker Situation is a 1-hour scenario. At 0:15, for instance, you read the next development in the situation, sparking the next round of arguments and Prexy-decisions.

Every player has issues she wins and loses according to the rise and fall of, so for instance the Sexy of Defense is going to be pushing for a solution that makes the military look good and do well, plus maybe the Sexy of Defense is also big into a balanced budget, so she's going to be pushing for a solution that won't cost too much money, things like that. When the Prexy chooses her final course of action, you read in the scenario which issues benefit and which suffer, according to the Prexy's decision.

You also get points for going on the record predicting certain facts in the scenario. Like you might say "y'know, I'll go on the record predicting that she's really a monkey," and when it turns out she's really a monkey, you get points.

The Prexy doesn't have the same stake as everybody else - more like a GM or referree or the host of Whose Line is it Anyway, right? Or better: the Prexy is the goal posts. The game is to a) figure out the scenario well enough to make correct predictions and choose a side consistent with your issue-agenda, then b) talk the Prexy into taking that same side.

Ha! I used an unconventional gender pronoun to refer to the Prexy! Yay me.


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This makes...
NinJ go "Shouldn"
NinJ go "Shouldn't that be the "Sexy of Defense"?"*
VB go "so noted. Done and done."
lpl go "Prexy? Sexy?"*
VB go "'prexy' is alas out of fashion now..."*

*click in for more

15. On 2005-09-27, Matthijs Holter said:

Okay, I'm in :)


16. On 2005-09-27, Matthijs Holter said:

...only that the buttons don't work for me; I get an error message. I've contacted Fundable with more info.


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