2005-09-21 : The Red Sky A.M. Fishbowl

1. On 2005-09-21, Vincent said:

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This reminds...
Andy_K of ARMOR by John Steakley. Anyone who creates an SF military game without reading this book will be punched in the head.

This makes...
Shiffe go "Connection?"*
VB go "you may be out of luck, then."*
Andy_K go "Oops"*
Nir Sh go "Oh, well"*

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2. On 2005-09-22, Vincent said:

Here's my have-read list:
Jarhead, Anthony Swofford.
Marine, Tom Clancy.
The Things They Carried, Tim O'Brien.
Several articles by Sydney Freedberg.

Here's my to-read and keep-reading list:
Achilles in Vietnam: Combat Trauma and the Undoing of Character, Jonathan Shay.
Starship Troopers, Robert Heinlein.
Red Army, Ralph Peters.

...And now Armor by John Steakley.

Because I really just don't want to be punched in the head.


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This makes...
Sben go "The Forever War?"*
BL go "Standing offer"*
VB go "awesome, Ben."*
SF go "The Face of Battle"*
KSB go "What movies?"*
Tobias go "Rogue Warrior?"*
SLB go "Dave Grossman"*
CJ go "The Pugilist at Rest"*

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3. On 2005-09-26, Vincent said:

Move Starship Troopers to the have-read list.

THAT book belongs with Narnia and Dune. I'm reading it and I'm like, sure, that makes sense, I buy that, maybe in BIZARRO WORLD.

Add to the to-read list: This Kind of War by T. R. Fehrenbach.

Add to the have-read list: Suicide Charlie by Norman L. Russell and The Short Timers by Gustav Hasford (upon which Full Metal Jacket was based). I read these a while ago, figured I'd list 'em.


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This makes...
SJF go "Bizarro World"*
VB go "I found it 'best case,' if you see what I mean..."*
VB go "oh, and yeah, it's his politics and social psych I found Bizarro."
NinJ go "I'm glad you read it..."*
BW go "Forever War"*
Tobias go "Oh, and Fallen dragon"*
Poh Tu go "Ender's Game."*
KM go "Ender's Game again."*
C go "Catch-22 & other suggestions"*
JBR go "Heinlein as Challenge"*
SLB go "John Ringo for powersuit tactics"

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4. On 2005-09-26, Vincent said:

About movies: I've seen so many I can't possibly list 'em. Full Metal Jacket is my favorite. I've seen all the ones you list, KSB, except Stalingrad. I watched Band of Brothers a couple times through; I watched one early episode three times in a row. They advance up a hill into a town - it's the third or fourth episode.

Blackhawk Down is important to the game, but not for being a good movie - I need to make sure that the game does "this one bad happening makes the whole operation go terribly, terribly wrong" and does it well.

Most recently I watched about half of Gunner Palace - something interrupted me and I couldn't finish it, I'll have to go back to the video store and pick it up again.

I'm looking forward to Jarhead.


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This reminds...
JM of Idi i smotri

This makes...
SJF go "Watch "Aliens" carefully"*
VB go "Aliens again, check."
NinJ go "Well, I was gonna say that, but I'm glad you did, S."*
JCL go "BSG?"*
VB go "alas."*
KSB go "Blackhawk down"*
VB go "I've read the original articles..."*
KSB go "Book or articles"*
JM go "Idi i smotri, man"*
MVG go "Netflix, Vincent."*
VB go "Video To Go, baby."*
JonasK go "Dirty Dozen (1967)"*
JBR go "Starship Troopers the Movie"*
JBR go "BSG seconded."*
SLB go "Another vote for BSG"

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5. On 2005-10-03, Vincent said:

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This reminds...
SJF of new Army Combat Uniform

This makes...
VB go "now who was telling me about these...?"*
VB go "but..."*
MB go "Yeah, the velcro idea is doomed."*
KSB go "So you got army initiation"*
Curly go "YOU'LL DIG THIS"*

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6. On 2005-10-05, Vincent said:

KSB goes: "So you got army initiation... But I am wondering what have you planned these future supersoilders are going to be fighting. Giant ants or fellow humans over a goal that is vague and not really understood by the troops? Just curious."

That'll be a dial you set during game setup. It has three settings:

1. Humans. You're fighting humans on Earth or from Earth. The scale of the war is national, whatever the nations (or corporate nation-substitutes) happen to be.

2. Non-human people. You're fighting aliens who, while inhuman, are undeniably people. They have culture, language, art, technology, diplomats, motivations you mostly understand. Think of Star Trek or Farscape aliens.

3. Non-people. You're fighting aliens who are not recognizable as people. Here's your Aliens and your Starship Troopers.

Which you choose will have thematic significance, obviously, and mechanical significance too. For instance, if the group chooses non-people, that allows the GM the option to have battles in a toxic environment, but takes from the GM the option to have the civilians back home become outraged at the enemy's inhuman treatment at the hands of the marines.


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This reminds...
Dotan of Forever War, we said ! ! !
Dotan of It's Rogue Trooper, comic and vgame

This makes...
NinJ go "Dials!"*
KSB go "Dials and options"*
VB go "not adversarial."*
KSB go "Dial set to 3"*
VB go "exactly."*
KSB go "the question"*
VB go "oh. Neither."*
KSB go "Groan"*
SJF go "Non-People = symbolic"*

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7. On 2005-10-21, Vincent said:

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This makes...
KM go "My father"*
KSB go "About training"*

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8. On 2005-11-25, Vincent said:

Army Field Manuals

Jarhead is a good movie, too.


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This makes...
SF go "Overload!"*
VB go "don't sweat it!"*
RC go ""Catch-22""*
VB go "long since."*
Matt S go "Thin Red Line"*
VB go "I non-adore Thin Red Line."*
VB go "It beat the pants off Saving Private Ryan, though."*
MS go "Tigerland"*

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9. On 2006-01-17, Vincent said:

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