2005-10-25 : Executive Decision! $1000 to the Red Cross!

We did it, everybody! We raised $1000 for the Red Cross and now Executive Decision is free for all. Everybody remembers that it's by Greg Stolze and it features scenarios by Greg, Chad Underkoffler, Dennis Detwiller, Ron Edwards and little old me, right? Plus part of it is printed egami rorrim ni!

You can download it from Greg Stolze's downloads page.

You can see who donated at the Executive Decision Fundable page.

Big thank yous to everyone who gave!

1. On 2005-10-25, Jason L Blair said:

One month on the dot. Nice.

Congratulations to everyone who donated and contributed to ED.


2. On 2005-10-26, Matthijs Holter said:

I see several designers donated as well :) well, it's for a good cause, so - great!


3. On 2005-10-31, Jonas Barka said:

Seems like a nice game, and much closer to the Nordic tradition than I had expected. The rules are lacking examples, making some of it a bit unclear, primarily "assertions". Exactly what is an "assertion" and how is it connected to my agendas?


4. On 2005-11-01, Vincent said:

"Assertions" are predictions about what's going to happen that you're willing to stake points on. They're unrelated to your agendas.

At some point in play, you're going to be like, "I just BET that Ms. Abergrast turns out to be a space alien." So you make it an assetion, you declare it to everyone and write it down. Then at the end, if it turns out that she is indeed a space alien, you get a point just for being right - and if it turns out that she isn't, you lose a point for being wrong.


5. On 2005-11-05, Mischa D. Krilov said:

Doubly big thanks to those who started the idea and tho those who gave to the Red Cross, from one who got from the Red Cross.

Here's a semi-shameless plug for another gaming-related Katrina relief project: Beyond the Storm. Yes, I have a submission in it.

Vincent, as soon as I get a job, I promise to buy Dogs. :)



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