2005-10-31 : Teasering

1. On 2005-10-31, Clinton R. Nixon I, Esq. said:

Seriously, I envy you so much right now for getting to play with this before the rest of us. If we were on a schoolyard, I would totally steal this from you.


2. On 2005-10-31, Sempiternity said:

k, i just have to say, i love that creepy little statue drawing. Reminds me of those ancient norse chess sets.


3. On 2005-10-31, Vincent said:

Of course it's based on one of those ancient Norse chess sets!


4. On 2005-11-01, Peter Dyring-Olsen said:

Oh, man - and here I thought that Dragon Killer was on a break, since you didn't post about it in its fish bowl...
The horrible and annoying question that is however only based on being rather eager to read the book: how soon is soon?


5. On 2005-11-01, Kirk said:

If the stress from exams doesn't kill me first, the suspense will!


6. On 2005-11-01, Ben Lehman said:

*so* wish I was there.



7. On 2005-11-01, Matt Wilson said:

What? What is everyone commenting on? All I see is the thread title. Is there something hidden that only cool people with Roddy Piper's sunglasses can see?

Argh. And also gah.


8. On 2005-11-01, Vincent said:

Matt: you don't see the image? Weird.


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MW go "I can see it at work!"*
CCW go "I can't see it either"*
jmn go "I can see it fine..."*
CCW go "No problem at work though."*

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9. On 2005-11-01, chris moore said:

Vincent, your games are so, so much fun to play.  I can't wait to buy this new game!


10. On 2005-11-01, ScottM said:

Who's the artist responsible? Any further info to whet our appetite... say, timetable or resolution elements?


11. On 2005-11-01, Vincent said:

The artist is yours truly. I'm thinking a March release - timetablewise, I'm ahead of where I was with Dogs two years ago. We playtest tonight!

I haven't been posting to the fishbowl because I'm busily drafting a draft.


12. On 2005-11-01, Blankshield said:

Blark!  totally missed the connection to the fishbowl... I was wondering what was up with this "Oregon Killer" game... thought maybe you were drifting back into kpfs territory, which puzzled me greatly...

You might want to look at your font... :)



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CS go "Totally!"*
dhs_rr go "Looks fine to me!"*
CCW go "Of course it says 'Dragon'"*
VB go "dammit."*

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13. On 2005-11-01, John Harper said:

It totally says "Oragon." Took me a minute to figure it out, too.


14. On 2005-11-02, Neel said:

I would like to play this. Have I mentioned I have a group I can use to playtest? :)


15. On 2005-11-02, Clinton R. Nixon said:


I hear Vincent only has one PDF of this game and hasn't made any extra. If this is true, I will knife-fight you for it.

- Clinton


16. On 2005-11-02, Vincent said:

Our playtest was not hummin'!

Work to do, work to do.


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NinJ go "I was into it."*

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17. On 2005-11-02, Charles Wotton said:

Now that I can see it, I've got to admit it looks good.  Damn good.

Can I join the knife-fight?


18. On 2005-11-09, Vincent said:

Playtest number two went MUCH better.


19. On 2005-11-10, Peter Dyring-Olsen said:

I may be cheeky in asking this, Vincent - but somewhere down the line it would be really interesting to hear about the problems you experienced with the first playtest and how you went about solving them. It may shed a little light over the process of creating a functional and interesting rpg (which is of interest to us budding designers).


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VB go "VERY fair question."*

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20. On 2005-11-10, Ninja Monkey J said:

Peter, it was regular game-not-yet-great stuff. Mostly pacing, which is always an issue, and also some "what are we doing and how do we do it" unclarity. It was nothing catastrophic.

New character sheets cleared up a lot of the issues and reconfigured conflict res did the rest.

The lesson to gain, if I could guess what Vincent's gonna say, is simply to playtest your game and be really honest when something doesn't work and why.


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