2005-11-16 : A Friendly Request

Neel (or, perhaps, some other NK) says, of marginalia:

Can you guys put long responses in full comments?

So let's!

How about, if it's more than a single sentence, it probably deserves its own full comment.

Many single sentences deserve their own full comment too, of course - I leave that to your own sense of rightness.


1. On 2005-11-16, Kip Manley said:

Oh, all right. —But marginalia's a neat toy, and anyway, while it's harder on the one hand to find and track new commentish things, it's easier on the other to say, here is the specific context I'm addressing. Not excusing, mind. Just explaining.


2. On 2005-11-16, Neel said:

Hi Kip—I'm just asking because my eyes aren't exactly the finest instruments known to man, and marginalia are really itty-bitty. :)


direct link

This makes...
S?? go "If you're using Firefox you can just press CTRL and + to enlarge the text."

3. On 2005-11-17, Charles said:

The lack of a sidebar listing of new marginalia is the real killer for me. If the neat stuff is in the marginalia, its back to scanning every thread for new marginilia, and then clicking to see if the new marginilia is a critical essay, or a "Me Too!" Too much work, too many things get missed.

But I'm not offering to code the changes I'd love to see, so I'll shut up now.:)


4. On 2005-11-17, Vincent said:

Charles: I can't see it helping that much to list simply the five most recent marginalias. Maybe the five comments with most recent marginalia activity instead, or something...

I use the Remindments & Respondments index Kip linked to all the time, personally.


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