2005-11-21 : Thanks

Dear Carrie, Clinton, Elliot, Emily, James, Joshua, Judd, Meg, Sebastian, Seth and Tony:
Thank you! I had a fantastic weekend.

Dear Ben, Clinton and Joshua:
Thank you! I'm honored and very, very touched.

Dear Clinton, Matt, people who designed Formula Dé, and people who designed the shooty game:
Thank you! You are rockin' game designers and I had a great time playing your games.

1. On 2005-11-21, Emily said:



2. On 2005-11-21, Clinton R. Nixon I, Esq. said:

Three-fer for me! Yay!

Man, that shooty game is fantastic.

Matt Wilson - he's talking about you, and man did we play a great game of Primetime Adventures.


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This makes...
JHK go "Quote from Clinton:"*

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3. On 2005-11-21, Matt Wilson said:

That's awesome. Was this the fateful playtest of Face of Angels I read about on Autodidact? You know, CRN-bread was telling me about this almost a year ago, so it's about time that puppy gets some playin'.

And yay Formula D??. I've played me plenty of that, and it is teh fun.

And wah! I want to live near more people and play more games and stuff.


4. On 2005-11-21, Ninja Monkey J said:

Come on over and visit!

I'm pretty serious about doing a Forge con. Could you come for that?

That was some serious friends 'n' fun. And boy, did I sleep last night.


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This makes...
MW go "probably not, but..."*
NinJ go "When's your spring break?"
MW go "March 19-26"
CRN go "I think the date's pretty set."*
MB go "March is good for us"*
CRN go "We should plan this in not-marginalia"*
MW go "don't plan around me"*
luke go "nein!"*
NinJ go "Where should we plan this?"*
VB go "this sounds like prime Conventions forum material to me."
luke go "too many chefs"*

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5. On 2005-11-21, Meguey said:

Thanks from me, too. You all rock, all you friend-type people.


6. On 2005-11-21, Vincent said:

7. On 2005-11-21, Vincent said:

It's possible that that's the first time in my life I've ever written the word "boobs," by the way.


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This makes...
BR go "Why?"*
VB go "sheer coincidence."*
NinJ go "Well, I'm glad you're into the boob-saying now."
MB go "and funny"*
NinJ go "That's what I like about it."*

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8. On 2005-11-22, Ben Lehman said:

You're welcome.  Sad I couldn't be there.



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This makes...
BL go "PS"*
NinJ go "Tee hee hee!"

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9. On 2005-11-22, luke said:

At SoCal, people were asking about Clinton and you, V. And I was like, "they're busy having teh awesomest weekend evar." The bastards!

Wish I could have been there, I do indeed.

Congrats and best of luck and everything. See you in January!



10. On 2005-11-23, John Harper said:

Shooty game?


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This reminds...
JH of Carabande?

11. On 2005-11-23, Vincent said:

Shooty game = some kind of Star Wars first-person split-screen shooty game on the Super-Duper Nofriendo or whichever platform it is Joshua has.

You can drive tauntauns around Hoth! I got killed by an ewok one time.


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This makes...
MW go "Is it SW Battlefront?"*
VB go "it is! That's the one."
NinJ go "Yep."*
JH go "Ooooh. Battlefront. Fun."

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