2005-12-07 : Mocking Heartfelt Faith

I dunno, friends. Sometimes something just knocks you on your butt.

Boramier the Seer

Chapter 1
1     Welcome to the World of Seers and write the following-
2     A Seer uses their spiritual eyes to guide them through the visionary state unto the earthbound arena of dreams
3     And in this arena we play with or search out the very treasure house of the ancients
4     For as all records are written so also are they recorded visually as well and in 1841 other ways that I know of.
5     I am Boramier the son King Gustav and Queen Gwenivere
6     Who are a goodly King and queen on the southern most shores of Newfoundland.
7     In Brunswick I am writing this record and will deliver it to God myself
8     As I was promised by his everlasting voice which proclaimed
9     Boramier, Arise. And I arose, Get you down to the shores of this land way of many people
10   For I have a work for you to do and It is no small measure I might add.
11   Nevertheless you shall partake of my counsel or I will remove you from this sphere and cause that another finish your work amen.

(From The Sealed Book, as revealed to and translated by Elder Terrill R. Dalton, also known as Gabriel, who is the Holy Ghost, also known as the one Mighty and Strong, and also Elijah; Prophet, Seer, Revelator; President of the Church of the Firstborn and the General Assembly of Heaven, under the direction of Jesus Christ. And now you know.)

God said to Boramier the Seer "I have a work for you to do and It is no small measure I might add." Really, "I have a work for you to do and it is no small measure I might add." He really did. God did. He said it to Boramier the Seer.

1. On 2005-12-07, Joshua BishopRoby said:

Just me, or does that look like a transcript of Eat Poop, You Cat?


2. On 2005-12-07, Vincent said:

It kind of does.

Eat Poop, You Cat is one of my favorite party games.


3. On 2005-12-07, Ninja Monkey J said:

4. On 2005-12-08, Tom said:

*Two* Witnesses!?

Well...that pretty much settles it then.

Also...Book of the Moon People!



5. On 2005-12-08, Andy K said:

Unrelated, but is your RSS feed working correctly?  I haven't been getting the last 2-3 updates through the LJ-pulled feed.  Might be LJ, but I just wanted to check.

A day without Anyway is a day without Sunshine.


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This makes...
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