2006-03-22 : A bad, bad, bad but expected development

My workplace's anti-games netnanny has caught up with my blogroll. So far I've tested and can't get to: the Forge, Story Games, RPGnet, The Dog Blog, This is My Blog, Esoteric Murmurs, Attacks of Opportunity, the 10 by 10 Room... And I'm too discouraged to keep testing.

It's only a matter of time before they cut me off from anyway, the pro-productivity pigs.

1. On 2006-03-22, Matt Wilson said:

Maximum lame! Friggin' hospitals!

I can't get to the Forge or RPGnet from work, but so far the blogs and stuff are open to me. Maybe your hospital will tell mine and they'll partner up to stamp out fun.


2. On 2006-03-22, Vincent said:

They hate fun. Why do they hate fun?


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MSW go "my hunch"*

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3. On 2006-03-22, Roger said:

The fine folks at have some recommendations about defeating the fun-haters.  A local Circumventer might be your best bet.


4. On 2006-03-22, Jenskot said:


It's a little slow unfortunately.


5. On 2006-03-22, Tris said:


I suggest you escalate.


6. On 2006-03-22, Rob Donoghue said:

In addition to the cloaking services, there's a Google hack that can be used to get around these things.  By editing the URL you may use google's translation service to translate a site from english to english, and since google does the serving, it circumvents some restrictions.  Basically, you do this:

(normally, googles translation service doesn't offer english to english in their dropdown, but editing the langpair variable does the magic)

Anyway, good luck!


7. On 2006-03-22, Andy K said:

Wow, that's awesome Rob!  Funny thing, I can get to all my regular sites, but for some reason gets shitcanned:

"Access denied by WebWasher DynaBLocator content category. The requested URL belongs to the following category: Erotic and Sex."


Luckily, the translate trick works.  Unfortunately, it doesn't work on the fate rules pdf.



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RJD go "Man, faterpg is more exciting than I knew!"*
BR go "Is this because I say "fuck" and "fuck a duck" and such on everyone's blogs?"

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8. On 2006-03-22, Chris Goodwin said:

Man, I'm half considering having my boss (the IT manager) block me from all of the gaming related stuff so I can get some work done!


9. On 2006-03-23, Ninja Monkey J said:

Ha ha ha!


10. On 2006-03-23, Ben Lehman said:


This is when you set up an RSS feed that links to a central aggregation site.  At least, that's what I do.


11. On 2006-03-24, Joshua BishopRoby said:

Vincent, can you get to anything on


12. On 2006-03-27, Vincent said:

I can get to some blogspot blogs. Chronicles of the Terrasqube, for instance.

I'm using the-cloak right now and it's fine. You have to pay them if you want to do much other than read, like if you want to log in or post anywhere, or as it turns out use the Forge's search functions, so I'm just kind of staying abreast, not participating.


13. On 2006-03-27, Vincent said:

...And now I've used up my the-cloak quota, five Forge threads later. Hmph.


14. On 2006-03-27, Ninja Monkey J said:

Wait, what happened? The cloaking stopped working? How?


15. On 2006-03-27, Vincent said: limits the bandwidth that you can use from a particular IP. This IP I'm sitting at here can use more of the-cloak's bandwidth in 4 hours, so I'm guessing they have a 6-hour quota.

For unlimited use, they charge 1.7¢ per megabyte.


16. On 2006-03-27, Ninja Monkey J said:

Ah. Try the Google hack then.


17. On 2006-03-27, Vincent said:

No luck on the Google hack. I guess my workplace's netnanny has heard of that one.


18. On 2006-03-27, Ninja Monkey J said:

I think you could write something pretty easily.

It would just put your site's address with a query string in front of the rest of the url as a query, then have your site transfer it.

Make sure it has a login so netnannies can't see what's there. To be really nefarious, make it look like something relevant to your work.


19. On 2006-03-28, Ben Lehman said: works well on my net-nanny.



20. On 2006-03-28, Kuma said:

And if anonymouse runs out on you, there's always

Works wonders and it's free.


21. On 2006-03-28, Dave said:

I think Roger's idea offers the most promise. If you have a broadband connection at home, setting up your own circumventor/proxy server would be worthwhile. Whatever the net-nanny software they're using is, it's unlikely to ever get around to blocking your home IP address. Instructions on how to set it up are here:


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22. On 2006-04-03, Vincent said:

They got me. They've blocked me from anyway!

...Of course, I'm, y'know, writing this from work, so...


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NinJ go "Stick it to the Man!"*

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