2006-06-23 : Forgetful...

1. On 2006-06-23, Jason M said:

Your art reminds me of Aubrey Beardsley.  The font helps with that.


2. On 2006-06-23, Joshua BishopRoby said:

The art reminds me of the cartoon Yellow Submarine.

Can the game replicate Yellow Submarine?  Cause that would rock.


3. On 2006-06-23, Vincent said:

Hm. I'll take the Aubrey Beardsley and pass on the Yellow Submarine. I hope that's okay with everyone!


direct link

This makes...
BL go "But how can you resist?"*
JBR go "Push a Button!"
KM go "Vincent must have a strong constitution"*

*click in for more

4. On 2006-06-23, John Harper said:

Very nice. Lovely, even.

Are you doing these in ink and scanning? Or vectorizing in the computer? I'm doing some art like this (more Greek style) in the near future and am waffling on method.


direct link

This reminds...
GRC of of this tutorial by Veerle Pieters

This makes...
GRC go "Hmmm....maybe my link...."*

*click in for more

5. On 2006-06-24, Vincent said:

re: Yellow Submarine, well, it was Elliot's favorite thing in the world for six months one time, and how many times do you have to have it playing in your life before you go, yeah, that's about enough? My personal answer is 182.5, which if you'll do the math you'll discover is exactly how many times I did.

So no grief on Yellow Submarine! Yeah, I've got 'alf a 'ole in my pocket, and how was it, Ringo? It was 'arrowing, and I can't help it, I'm a born leverpuller. Just, man.

re: your technical question, John, I'm doing an outline in ink and scanning, then paint bucketing in the large black spaces.


6. On 2006-06-26, Ed Heil said:

Makes me very happy.  Not only the Beardslianity, which I see, but also it has a bit of James West about it, and I loves me the James West art.


7. On 2006-06-26, Vincent said:

This one is the most James West-y of the ones I've done yet. I kind of want a little more James West in the rest, but it's not turning out so much so far.


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