2006-06-23 : JiffyCon


The Incomparable Emily Boss is organizing an all-indie all-day con for any and everybody convenient to Western Mass. It'll be Saturday 29 July. You should come.

I hear a rumor that Judd's coming and he's running Dictionary of Mu. This is so awesome I can't even blink. In fact I'm bringing my fighting knife to signup time, so maybe you better bring yours too.

Also, better nobody schedule Judd's game in the same slot as the game I'm running - I'm looking at you, Emily!

1. On 2006-06-23, Matt Wilson said:

I'm going to learn how to teleport myself so I can attend. Salamander Farm rules!


2. On 2006-06-23, Tom said:

I think this will be the only problem with JiffyCon.

"When's your game? I really want to be in it."
"Slot 1."
"Crap!  That's when my game is!"
"Crap!  I wanted to play in your game!  I could move mine to Slot 2."
"No!  Emily is running Roach then."
"Oooh...yeah, gotta get in on that!"

p.s.  I'm totally in on the Roach, I'm bringing my Knife Fighting Monkey for that.


3. On 2006-06-23, Judd said:


I'm really not sure if I can make it.  But I will try to juggle some work stuff but as of promises.

Thanks!  I am flattered.


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This makes...
Judd go "Juggling"*
Judd go "Staring at my day planner."*
ecb go "Next time.."*
Judd go "Hells yes."*

*click in for more

4. On 2006-06-23, Jasper McChesney said:

This is why I'm taking the attitude of "Whatever's playing when I'm not running my game, I'll play. And it will be good."


5. On 2006-06-23, Jay Loomis said:

Would it be extra stupid to fly out there just to meet and play games with all you cool folks?

We definitely need more indie-rpg types in the Seattle area.


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This makes...
TLR go "Not Stupid"*
JM go "If you have the $"*
James go "Or the airmiles"*

*click in for more

6. On 2006-06-23, Ninja Monkey J said:

My plan is to rock out all day. If that's worth flying out for, rock on!


7. On 2006-06-24, TB said:

Damn.  Is the incomparable Emily Boss absolutely certain that she doesn't secretly long to hold this convention in South East England?


8. On 2006-06-24, NinJ said:

Nope. Southeast New England.


9. On 2006-06-24, James said:

Y'all are just jealous of the rocking time that was Forge Midwest.

...which, of course, I'm only saying out of spite because I'm jealous of the rocking good time that will be JiffyCon.



10. On 2006-06-26, Vincent said:

Judd: Aw man.

Elliot, my 6 year old, has picked up "aw man" as a saying of disappointment. He has great delivery, so imagine me saying it with the great delivery of a 6 year old kid.


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This makes...
jmn go "My daughter, too!"*

*click in for more

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