2006-06-28 : An addition to the songbook

The PB&J
To the tune of "The House of the Rising Sun"
in your best Tom Waits voice

There is a sandwich that I like
It's called a PB&J
And it's been the lunch of many a poor boy
I ate one myself today

The only thing a PB&J needs
Is some J and some PB
And it goes pretty good with a glass of milk
Or a glass of old ice tea

You can keep your macaroni and cheese
You can keep your asparagus soufflé
The only thing that I'll eat for lunch
Is a good old PB&J

So parents go get your little children
And make 'em a PB&J
And you know that they will be satisfied
Almost every day

I'm making myself a PB&J
Maybe I'll make a whole bunch
And maybe I'll call my friends on the phone
And invite 'em over for lunch

Yeah there is a sandwich that I like
It's called a PB&J
And I know that it doesn't sound fancy to you
But I eat one every day

The songbook

1. On 2006-06-29, Andrew Cooper said:

Those are all cool.  I just don't know any of the songs they are sung to.


I'm a loser.


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