2006-07-25 : Home safe

Hey Ron, Eero, excellent German gamers, and anyone else who's wondering: I'm back home safe from Berlin.

I have more to write than time to write!

1. On 2006-07-25, Clinton R. Nixon said:


The question on the tip of everyone's tongue is:

What the heck where you doing in Berlin?

- Clinton


2. On 2006-07-25, Ben Lehman said:

Welcome back.  I want a full report.



3. On 2006-07-25, ScottM said:

I hope the trip was a lot of fun; I'm looking forward to photos and stories.


4. On 2006-07-25, Vincent said:

I was in Berlin for the first promo party for Ron's new non-RPG. I'm not certain how much I should say -

And I have to tell you, we did some serious paranoia-inducing stuff, like hanging out at the former Stasi headquarters (the Stasi being, for those of you who like me didn't know, the former East German intelligence agency), and talking a lot about the dangers to both life and humanity in betraying trust -

So when I say that I'm not certain how much I should say, I'm really not certain how much I should say.


5. On 2006-07-25, Vincent said:

You could swear us all to secrecy first. That always works.


6. On 2006-07-25, Meguey said:

^ That was me. I logged in as human, just not as me.


7. On 2006-07-25, Matthijs said:

OMG. Is there any info on this anywhere?


8. On 2006-07-25, Matthijs said:

(There is a leetle beet in at this German forum).


9. On 2006-07-25, Julie, aka jrs said:

I too would like a report, either here or elsewhere.  I'm glad you went and glad you're back.


10. On 2006-07-26, Rufen Sie mich lockig an. said:

Feeler gauge story Now in Cold was Berlin

Ron Edward bred for a long time over its new Mach work and investigated. On 9 November 2006 it is to appear, at the same time on German and English. About what does it go? Over the cold war, over secret services, and particularly around humans behind the feeler gauge. What are for people, which are ready to deceive all humans around itself? Their whole life a lie is?

The rules are (naturally) extremely forgy - like that forgy that it does not mean times more games of roles. Separate ???story Now???.

Target group of the play are primarily people, which are interested in the cold war and the Spy/Guy category. In second line of people, which are interested in narrativistische plays of the Forge school.

On 22 July a Pre release Event takes place in Berlin, with which a demo version of the play is to be distributed and played. A goal is it in particular to excite the interest of citizen of Berlin booksellers with whom the play is to be sold. Guests are taken into account up to 100. Beside Ron Edwards also Vincent Baker, Ralph Mazza and other Forge authors there will be.


Is it a larger project (with more public) than other Forge ham?



11. On 2006-07-26, Ben Lehman said:

I just want to say that I find "feeler gauge" to be rather sublime.



12. On 2006-07-26, Settembrini said:

Hi Vincent,
Was nice to hang out with you guys. Did you get my email?


13. On 2006-07-26, Vincent said:

Andreas, I did!


14. On 2006-07-26, NinJ said:

I love Forge ham.


15. On 2006-07-26, Meguey said:

Does Forge ham come with, or without, green eggs?


16. On 2006-07-26, NinJ said:

It comes with a feeler gauge!

Come on, Vincent. We're only making fun because we want to know more.

Was J??rgen involved? He's a nice guy.


17. On 2006-07-26, Seth Ben-Ezra said:

I wonder what a feeler gauge measures.


18. On 2006-07-27, Jeph said:

Feelers. Duh.


19. On 2006-07-27, Harald Wagener said:

Andreas posted a teaser video regarding the spione event.

Look here:

?? ?? Harald


20. On 2006-07-29, Ron Edwards said:

Vincent, feel free to say whatever and however much you'd like.


21. On 2006-07-30, Frank T said:

That translation thingie works better than I expected. I also like its Yoda style.


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