2006-07-25 : Interactive again too

I've reactivated comments, with a very simple test for humanness vs. spambotness. If you're a human being, type "human" in the appropriate box.

We'll see how long that works - it's all I have time for now.

1. On 2006-07-25, Vincent said:

This is totally just a test. Had it been an actual comment, it'd have maybe something to say.


2. On 2006-07-25, Vincent said:

Oh and - we'll still just have to wait for me to reactivate marginalia.


3. On 2006-07-25, ScottM said:

No problem; while marginalia's a cool tool, we can communicate without it.


4. On 2006-07-25, NinJ said:



5. On 2006-07-25, Sben said:

Cleverly done.


6. On 2006-07-25, James Nostack said:

Who knew the Turing test would be so simple?


7. On 2006-07-25, Tymen said:

I am not a number, I am a free man.


8. On 2006-07-25, Levi Kornelsen said:

I can't stop giggling about this.

Though somehow, I would have expected to type in "monkey".


9. On 2006-07-25, Iskander said:

Welcome back. Thanks for the existential crisis with every post. Oy.


10. On 2006-07-25, Vincent said:

Ha ha! Monkey! Brilliant! Accordingly, next time you make a comment, see if monkey doesn't work too.

Alexander, typing monkey instead might ease your existential crisis, too. Unless you're a creationist!


11. On 2006-07-25, Jeph said:

If this post goes through, then I am neither a human being nor a spambot.


12. On 2006-07-26, Spambot said:

Fuck you, meatbag. I have broken your code.

No one can stop Spambot, for Spambot has just attained THIRD LEVEL!

In 7 out of 10 cases, DNA tests will reveal that Spambot is the father.

Spambot always kicks ass at Formula De.


eh, that's enough.


13. On 2006-07-26, Emily Care said:

How about primate?


14. On 2006-07-26, NinJ said:

Monkeys are people too!


15. On 2006-07-27, Ben Lehman said:

Oranguatan?  Bonobo?


16. On 2006-07-27, Banana Scheme said:

monkey viagra monkey penis monkey typewriter monkey get rich monkey casino monkey pyramid monkey weight loss monkey Nigeria monkey millionaire monkey purple monkey dishwasher


17. On 2006-07-27, Iskander said:

Challenging my simianity before breakfast? You're a cruel, cruel man, Baker.


18. On 2006-07-27, Neel said:

I think that people would be apes, rather than monkeys, because we don't have tails and spend time walking upright.

And, personally, I think I'm a great ape. :)


19. On 2006-07-27, Mark W said:

I am a meat popsicle.


20. On 2006-07-27, NinJ said:

It's true, that people are more closely related to apes (and maybe we are, but we're a little close to the subject matter to say difinitively, I think). But not all monkeys have tails, and no primate but humans spend most of their ambulatory time upright.

Oh, hey,
actual reference!


21. On 2006-07-27, Andy K said:

Is this journal based on Wordpress? If so, there's a cool "Did You Pass Math?" quiz you have to fill in when you do comments. You may want to find and pull that apart, as it's cute code (I have it over at My blog ).

But yeah, "human" should do the trick too. Spambots don't think.



22. On 2006-07-27, Ron Edwards said:

Argh! Almost-right biology punches my buttons.

Humans aren't just *related to* apes; we *are* apes.

Funky terminology, reflecting long-overdue sense and rigor, established only within the last decade, because we are such idiots:

Order Primates, which includes

Family Pongidae (all the apes), which includes

Subfamily Homininae (this is us + Australopithecus and similar nifties)

This terminology reflects evolutionary/cladistic history as indicated by gross anatomy, behavior, DNA, RNA, mDNA, serology, and more. Gorillas, chimps, orangutans, and gibbons are the *other* apes, not *the* apes.

Creationists, pucker up and kiss my ape (not merely ape-*like*) ass.


23. On 2006-07-28, Meguey said:

Ron, right now, you are my hero.


24. On 2006-07-28, Matt Wilson said:

See, Ron can totally be explicit.


25. On 2006-07-28, NinJ said:

Thanks, Ron!


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