2006-08-22 : Sexual subject matter in roleplaying

Ron Edwards' [Bacchanal] GenCon demos and more.

If you're a grownup who roleplays, do not miss these couple of posts.

1. On 2006-08-22, sven said:

Roleplaying must be about sex, otherwise it's boring.

But, it is hard to bring to the table without blushing, even for me and more so for many others. It's actually easier when you have girls as players, since the atmosphere tends to get less 'gamey' and more focused on play and content.

It also tend to be easier in larps, since larp (and now I talk about mechanic less larps, since I have never seen any other sort) force a greater comittment to the character onto the player.


2. On 2006-10-01, 2Tone said:

I don't know if it's alright to reply but I figured since there was a spot to do so I would. I really can't find any places for sexual roleplay. It seems alot is said about it here and there but it also seems it's all talk. Is there anyone that really does sexual roleplay? If so where? I'm interested in finding out more about it and participating.


3. On 2006-10-02, Vincent said:

Hey 2Tone!

That's a good question. We mostly talk about live, face-to-face roleplaying, but surely someone here knows about online sexual roleplaying. Someone?

Answer anonymously if you prefer.


4. On 2006-10-02, Meguey said:

I'm not even doing to be anonymous. The world of on-line MUSHes and MUDs is *chock full* of what is termed 'tiny-sex', ranging from highly pornographic blow-by-blow (pun intended) to 'fade-to-black, we wake up happy in the morning'. Find a MUSH you like, make a character, start playing, and if your character is even slightly attractive and you play even vaugely well, you'll have the option for tiny-sex before you know it.


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