2006-08-24 : Sexual subject matter in Scary Go Round

In a very happy development for all of us who kind of identify with The Boy, Dark Esther is totally getting it on with him right now, as we speak.

So that's good.

1. On 2006-08-24, Vincent said:

Oh, you know? It occurs to me that I have some opinions about some comics, and sex, and stuff. Maybe they call for a real post.


2. On 2006-08-24, Dave said:

Hear, here! Go, The Boy!

It's weird how happy I am about this.


3. On 2006-08-24, Avram said:

Assuming they overcome his pants problems and don't get interrupted by demon bears or something.


4. On 2006-08-24, Vincent said:

The potential for something to go wrong is ... high.


5. On 2006-08-24, Zabieru said:

Oh yeah.  I was so excited when I read that (but in a happy nostalgic way, not a creepy way).  I remember exactly what that penultimate panel was like, back in the day.  That whole comic was just moment-by-moment perfect young nerd-boy gettin' some love and not really being able to assert any mental ownership of what's going on until well after the fact, which at least was my experience, and I don't think I was alone in that.

Also, how many of us here don't identify with The Boy, at least a little?  I think it's a pretty small number.  I know I'm still lookin' for a lady who will be my dark ally.

(By the way, de-lurking here.  My name's Devin, there's no reason any of you would know me, but I figured some sort of introduction was in order)


6. On 2006-08-24, ironick said:

Yeah, The Boy!

In a stunning coincidence, my cat is named The Count, though it would probably be more appropriate if he were named The Cat.  Although he does look like a vampire.  Anyway.

p.s. sorry 'bout that first screw-up post.


7. On 2006-08-25, Jye Nicolson said:

If only as awkward young men we'd known the secret to the pretty goth girls' hearts was RAVENOUS BEARS :)

Go the Boy!


8. On 2006-08-25, NinJ said:

It's true, you know. That's how I lost my virginity.


9. On 2006-08-25, Vincent said:


You guys are all like "w00t The Boy! Score!" Where's the love for, y'know, The Boy? Because yeah it's sweet for The Boy that he gets to sleep with Dark Esther, but it's also wicked sweet for Dark Esther that she gets to sleep with The Boy too, don't you think?


10. On 2006-08-25, Vincent said:

Also I'm relieved that the pants problem seems to have worked out okay in the end.


11. On 2006-08-25, Dave said:

We're probably all betraying our geeky male identification with The Boy, is all.

Plus Dark Esther is, y'know, hot, we're all saying to ourselves as recovering The Boys. She doesn't need to settle for The Boy, we say even as we just learned she's been in love with him for three years, she could have any guy she wants!


12. On 2006-08-25, Vincent said:

Yeah, weird, huh?

Next time you see Ron, buy him a drink, give him pen and paper, and ask him to tell you about "goofy, sexy, sought after." When Ron says "...and he's like, shit! How'd life get so good?" you'll be like, "oh yeah!"

I don't dare explain further. It's related to the ainbray amageday.


13. On 2006-08-25, Ben Lehman said:

Imatotally gonna get personal.

I have totally had the experience over the last two years of realizing that:
1) I can be an object of sexual desire.
2) I can get sex if I want it.

In this society, as a man, as a geek, as someone with my own particular these are enormously liberations.

Yeah, this is what Ron is talking about.



14. On 2006-08-25, Vincent said:

I think that most of us can fill in our own particular "my own particular..."


15. On 2006-08-25, Ben Lehman said:

That was totally intentional.

"Enormous liberations" also.



16. On 2006-08-25, Blankshield said:

Totally.  You should have seen my wife laughing at me and my dumbfounded discovery that I'm sexy.

(I knew that everyone else was sexy.  I just didn't, ya know, realize that I was sexy too.)



17. On 2006-08-26, Joel P. Shempert said:

Totally, James. I've got a girlfriend that won't let me forget it. I still keep wondering if she's talking about somebody else. :)



18. On 2006-08-26, Meguey said:

Hey, Vincent's like that too!

Was I ever like that? Probably.

For girls/women, I think it's not so much being 'sexy' as being respected. I mean, as a geek girl, you still know there are guys who will happily have sex with you (maybe not always the guys you *want*). What's amazing is having some guy think that what you do or say or are interested in matters and is cool *without* sex. There was a guy in my 12th grade Am.Gov. class who was utterly different than me in nearly every way - we were on the opposite sides of most issues in debates, our politics were different (mostly), and we came from very different religious and socio-economic back grounds. At the end of the year, he would regularly wait to walk with me after class so we could continue talking. There was no hint of romantic or sexual attraction, but I knew he wanted to know what I thought, respected my opinion, and valued talking to me. It was awesome, and eye-opening in examining my relationships with other guys.


19. On 2006-08-27, Kirk Mitchell said:

Vincent, I wish I had a camera because I believe you would have appreciated the expression on my face when I finally figured out what you said in pig latin. I had never even considered the personal and social implications... Its especially cool for me because I'm going through what you guys are talking about right now.

My mind! Watch it boggle!


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