2006-10-19 : A completely awesome thing

I come home from work and what's going on at my house? This completely awesome thing. I got to eavesdrop a little bit while I made dinner.

1. On 2006-10-19, Marhault said:

Hey, Vincent.  The link sends us back to


2. On 2006-10-19, Vincent said:



3. On 2006-10-19, Matt Wilson said:

Like I said elsewhere, we really really need a different term than "roleplaying game" now. Especially the latter part.

And I can't assume any understanding of how satisfying that moment was for you, but I do know it's way cool being married to an activist.


4. On 2006-10-20, Jim Zoetewey said:

I work at a non-profit that does work in the area of racism (as their computer guy). There's a program we have that I could actually imagine using the game. I suspect though, that the people in charge might be put off by the label "role playing game."

What's funny about that is that another organization I work with actually uses something that I'd consider a role playing game. The organization coordinates the county's church food pantries. They regularly run "poverty simulation workshops" in which people play individuals in poverty and interact with welfare agencies, police, and similar things (these are played by the staff). Amusingly, the simulation has enough flexibility that people can come up ideas and try them out (like crime, for example).

I'd be willing to bet that none of the people involved think of it as a roleplaying game, but it is.


5. On 2006-10-20, Julia said:

When I was in nursing school we did many patient/client-nurse simulations that were, for all intents and purposes, role playing games. Especially in psych nursing. I got to play a herion addict checking into a treatment center in one session, and was praised by my instructor on my performance.

In therapy, they use role playing scenarios to help patients practice newly learned coping skills.

My mom is a history professor, and antebellum South is one of her focuses. She's been very encouraging of my writing this game, and I often think of how she might be able to use it in some of her classes.


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